Customizable Training & Phishing Awareness

Deliver relevant and concise awareness through diverse training methods

500+ Customizable Phishing Simulation Templates

Hundreds of highly realistic phishing templates to tailor the simulation to different kinds of employees, evaluating their ability to detect and avoid various attacks

  • Attack templates designed to align with your employees’ specific work such as design interfaces for marketing professionals
  • Attack templates reflecting common scenarios such as cloud storage platforms
  • Digital assets that you can clone by yourself with the Lucy AutoClone. Learn more >>
Attack email templates

500+ Customizable Awareness Training Content

Hundreds of short and engaging training materials, based on real-world attacks and the range of threats that target your industry

  • Content types: One-pagers, training modules, exams and quizzes, videos, games, and posters
  • Methodologies: Interactive lessons, micro-learning, gamification, animations, and range of difficulty
  • Languages: Over 130 languages supported and available
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Attack email templates

Our Dynamic Reporting Dashboards

For the Admin

Monitor employee progress and success in simulations and training

  • Quickly identify weak spots where employees may be struggling and adjust training as needed
  • Gain full control over your training program
  • Segment data by country, roles, and more for comprehensive analysis and insights
Campaign dashboard

For the User

Provide employees with a comprehensive overview of their awareness level, allowing them to:

  • Track their own training progress
  • Monitor their own performance
  • Receive personalized content based on their individual abilities

Our users also benefit from using the Reporting Button, enabling them to report suspicious emails to the security team, both simulation and real phishing emails.

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