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Our ThriveDX Employer Engagement team can help your company recruit and hire learners/graduates from all our in-demand programs. In partnership with our top universities, we help employers build a supplemental and job-ready pipeline of talent for the future by providing a best-in-class technical curriculum and hands-on practical skills training.

Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp

The Introductory Course explores the areas of networking, Linux and Windows operating systems, and virtualization concepts needed in today’s digital workplace. Participants will encounter practical training scenarios that mirror real-life cyberattacks and learn how to apply defense and protection measures. The course concludes with an aptitude exam to assess the learner’s understanding of cybersecurity principles and suitability for a career in the field.

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UI/UX Design bootcamp

The global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries, leading to a widening skills gap in sectors such as user interface and experience (UI/UX) design. Quality UI/UX is a critical element for any business with a digital presence. Brands are seeking skilled designers to create products and experiences that engage their audience and provide elegant solutions.

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Digital Marketing bootcamp

Demand for advertising, promotions, and marketing professionals is projected to grow around 10 percent from 2020 to 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, an acceleration of the digital transformation across the global workforce is leaving companies in need of workers with digital marketing and other skills — and job candidates in need of specialized training. Digital marketers are responsible for spearheading brand awareness in the digital arena.

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Software development bootcamp

Employment of software developers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for other occupations. Software development professionals construct innovative web and application solutions to improve how we live through a more accessible online world. Software developers are valued in the digital workplace for their ability to address all points of a development project, work on back-end and front-end development, reduce project costs, and support the entire team dynamic.

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Data Science & analytics bootcamp

The rapid pace of corporate digitization is reported to be at rates 20 to 25 times faster than previously thought possible, leading to a widening workforce skills gap and a deficit in qualified candidates in data analytics and other sectors. Technologies such as artificial intelligence are generating more and more data, but that data doesn’t mean much if organizations can’t analyze it effectively.

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Each program only 10 months or 400 hours

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In partnership with Elite Universities Across the Country

More than 20 universities across the globe trust ThriveDX to power their professional certificate programs to help employers close the digital skills gap.

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Meet some of our grads

Image of graduate for hire
David Vuong

LB Cybersecurity Grad

David Vuong was teaching English Language Arts when he began exploring different programs that could help him change careers. After trying out other educational institutions, he joined a cohort at the Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Program offered by the College of Professional and International Education at California State University at Long Beach (CSULB).

Gilian Deak headshot
Gilian Deak

NJIT, Cybersecurity Graduate

After many years as Creative Director for a marketing agency, Gillian Deak came to us to pursue her passion for Security. She dove into the course material and managed to immediately impress her instructors and coaches with her strong grasp of the advanced concepts and project work, especially despite her non-traditional background.

Damiam Maytin

University of Miami

One year ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and dive deeper into the Digital Marketing world. Although I chose Marketing as my career since I was 18 years old, I made this decision to focus on my future and take a step forward with my education by studying at The University of Miami’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp (ThriveDX (formerly HackerU) I couldn’t have made a better choice. 

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