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Place Skilled And Diverse Cybersecurity
Professionals With Confidence
Our Post-Training Assessments at Cyber Academy apply a holistic approach to gauge the readiness of our graduates for the cybersecurity field. We evaluate not just technical know-how but also practical experience and essential soft skills, creating detailed talent profiles for streamlined and efficient hiring decisions.
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Make Better Hiring Decisions with Data-Driven Profiling

Handpick The Most Suitable Candidates:
  • Validate skill acquisition with post-training assessments
  • Save time and resources with efficient and informed hiring decisions
  • Create skill-based talent profiles to compare candidates objectively
  • Gain valuable insights into candidates’ capabilities and fit
  • Empower unbiased hiring and placement decisions
  • Streamline recruitment with advanced communication tools
  • Asynchronous video interviews for flexible scheduling
  • Platform chat for seamless communication
Crafting the Perfect Candidate Profile
Our recommended assessment process takes into account a holistic view of a newly graduated candidate’s readiness for an entry-level position in cybersecurity. It includes evaluating technical knowledge, practical experience, and crucial soft skills.
By combining these assessments, recruitment teams gain valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities and potential for success in the field. Our process considers not only technical knowledge but also practical experience, soft skills, work style, and references, ensuring a thorough evaluation of a newly graduated cybersecurity candidate’s readiness.
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Perfect Candidate Matching for Your Organization's Success
Our matching solution simplifies the process of connecting your newly trained candidates with your organization’s specific cybersecurity needs. Through a comprehensive assessment of their technical abilities and soft skills, we create candidate profiles on our intuitive platform.
This graphical representation showcases their workstyle and strengths in cybersecurity, allowing HR and senior cyber hiring managers to easily determine their fit within different teams. The profile includes scores for cyber skills, such as incident response analysis and threat intelligence, as well as indications of specific tools and certificates.
Additionally, soft skills like collaboration and adaptability are evaluated, highlighting the top three to give insights into the candidate’s work style.

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