Cyber Academy Training Platform

Future-Proofing Your Cybersecurity Workforce

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Internal & External Reskilling in Cybersecurity

The Cyber Academy addresses these challenges by identifying high-potential talent, reskilling them in cybersecurity, and evaluating their skills for compatibility with cyber roles. Aligned with NICE-NIST 800-181, we offer flexible learning options to build a diverse and inclusive cybersecurity team.

How We’re Solving It
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Unbiased Screening

Evaluating candidates to find the best fit

Cyber Academy Training
Equip your talent with the necessary skills to excel in the industry
Post-Training Matching
Matching acquired skills to suitable roles within the organization

Bridging the Cyber Talent Gap for Enterprises while:

Increasing Diversity & Equity

Actively support underserved populations with access to education and employment opportunities

Improving Employee Retention

Provide education opportunities that encourage employees to grow with the company

Reducing Hiring Costs

Reskilling has proven to be very cost efficient in attracting and retaining talent

Strengthen Global Brand & Reputation

Improve brand reputation through investment in employee growth

Bridging the Cyber Talent Gap for Enterprises while:
Diversity & Equity

Actively support underserved populations with access to education and employment opportunities

Improving Employee Retention

Provide education opportunities that encourage employees to grow with the company

Reducing Hiring Costs

Reskilling has proven to be very cost efficient in attracting and retaining talent

Strengthen Global Brand & Reputation

Improve brand reputation through investment in employee growth

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Cyber Academy Training Platform

Empower your workforce with Cyber Academy, the premier cybersecurity reskilling program designed for enterprises. Our comprehensive training equips your employees with essential skills to thrive in the cyber industry.

  • 1000+ hours of hands-on training aligned with industry standards
  • Practical experience with industry tools and technologies
  • Over 300 real-world scenario labs continuously refreshed for relevance
  • Guided learning content covering diverse cybersecurity modules
  • Focus on secure design principles, risk management, and threat intelligence
Cyber Academy Training Platform
Unbiased Screening

Identify High-Potential Talent To Optimize Your Internal Mobility Process and Provide Access for Diverse Talent

  • Customized assessments for accurate evaluation
  • Expansive assessment library covering diverse skills
  • Versatile question types to assess various abilities
  • Compatible with popular ATS for seamless integration
  • Streamlined workflow, eliminating manual data entry
  • Discover high-potential talent and enhance your internal mobility process.
Post-Training Matching

Place Skilled and Diverse Cybersecurity Professionals with Confidence

  • Validate skill acquisition with assessments
  • Save time and make informed hiring decisions
  • Create skill-based talent profiles for objective comparison
  • Gain valuable insights into candidates’ capabilities and fit
  • Empower unbiased hiring and placement decisions
  • Streamline recruitment with advanced communication tools
  • Conduct asynchronous video interviews
  • Seamlessly communicate through the platform
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The Trusted Choice for Top Talent in the Industry
Hear the Inspiring Journeys of our Graduates
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Cyber Academy?

The Cyber Academy is a comprehensive training solution that addresses the talent shortage and diversity gap in the cybersecurity industry. It enables organizations to reskill both internal and external talents, identifying high-potential individuals through unbiased screening and offers an immersive hands-on cybersecurity training that meets the evolving demands of the industry.

What does the Cyber Academy consist of?

The Cyber Academy  equips individuals to tackle the challenges of the cybersecurity industry. It provides a dynamic learning platform featuring over 1000 hours of hands-on training and 300 real-world simulations, all aligned with the globally recognized NICE NIST 800-181 framework. Moreover, it offers a choice between live remote or asynchronous cohort learning formats, supplemented with dedicated facilitators. The program boasts an expansive network of expert trainers, personalized last-mile training modules, and screening and assessment tools to identify high-potential talent. Learners actively engage with the content, enabling them to promptly apply their newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios. Additionally, the Academy provides flexible learning options with both full-time and part-time tracks, expertly facilitated by industry professionals to ensure an exceptional learning experience.

What is unique about the Cyber Academy’s training solution?

Our training solution stands out with its unique emphasis on reskilling high-potential talent from diverse backgrounds. We offer industry-driven, government-grade cybersecurity training inspired by military techniques, while adhering to the principle of “everything you need to know, and only what you need to know.” 

Our accelerated learning methodology and streamlined curriculum focus on teaching the specific skills needed to hit the ground running in the cyber industry no matter the background..

What is the program's training approach and format for cybersecurity education?

We prioritize hands-on learning with real-world application through immersive exercises, simulations, and interactive modules. Our training format focuses on developing practical skills and familiarity with popular industry tools. By combining a blended learning approach with cutting-edge research, we provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity..  Our approach is supported by facilitator-led cohorts, a format that has gained popularity as an ideal learning environment for participants who are fully engaged and committed to their educational journey We recognize that every student is unique and offer a variety of approaches to support different learning styles. By providing a supportive community and various learning approaches to reach a range of learners, we help keep learners motivated to complete the program. This approach led to our programs having a solid graduation track record of 85%+. 

What is the reputation of the training program?

Our training program enjoys a stellar reputation. We have successfully graduated over 50,000 students globally and maintain strong partnerships with more than 50 universities and 500+ enterprise customers. Our commitment to quality and inclusivity has earned us recognition as a global leader in cybersecurity education.

How long is the training program?

The duration of the Bootcamp varies depending on the chosen track. We provide two options: a full-time program spanning 12 weeks, or a part-time program spanning 24 weeks. These options are designed to accommodate the diverse needs and availability of our learners. Each track offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, carefully designed to fit within a manageable timeframe.

What roles does the training program prepare the learners for?

Upon completing the training program, learners will have gained a comprehensive set of skills, enabling them to excel in various sought-after roles within the cybersecurity industry, such as: Cyber Defense Analyst, Cyber Incident Responder, Cyber Forensics Analyst, Network Operations Specialist , Cyber Infrastructure Support Specialist

Does the participant need any prior knowledge or background to participate in the Bootcamp?

No prior knowledge or background is required to participate in the Bootcamp. We specialize in reskilling talents from diverse backgrounds, including those from non-technical fields. Learners only need English reading proficiency, basic math and logic skills, and, most of all, drive and motivation to learn in an accelerated environment.

After admission, learners are expected to complete the self-paced Prework module (~20 hours) before the start of the Bootcamp, whose objective is to bring everyone to the same level of technical expertise.

What technology do I need to partake in the program?

Learners need a reliable Internet connection and a computer. All tools, labs and programs are available online, and none need to be installed or purchased. A second screen is recommended but is not required.


Learners enrolled in the remote-live full-time or part-time program are kindly requested to have a functional camera and microphone in order to actively engage in the sessions..

How do I chose the right learners for my bootcamp?

We understand the importance of choosing the right learners for your bootcamp. Our candidate screening process is designed to help enterprises identify the best candidates for their corporate academy, regardless of prior experience. 


We go beyond assessing aptitude and cognitive skills; we also evaluate critical soft skills like motivation and willingness to learn. By measuring these qualities effectively, we ensure that we recommend candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also have the right mindset and drive to excel in the cybersecurity field.

Our screening process ensures unbiased selection of learners for your bootcamp with the right blend of abilities for success in cybersecurity.

We only need to reskill a couple of employees. Can we buy individual seats?

Yes, indeed. We sell individual seats in our running cohorts. It wont be your own company branded cyber academy, however talk to our sales representatives to discuss options

Do you offer last-mile training?

Yes, with a network of over 1000+ expert trainers and leading toolvendors, we can set up customized training tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Last-mile training are additional training courses on top of our very comprehensive training bootcamp. Typical examples are more in-depth training in a specific tool like Google Chronicle, Splunk Enterprise or more on a specific subject like Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Penetration Testing, Mobile Device Security,  etc. Reach out to our sales representatives to explore further!

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