Advanced Attack Tools

Level-up your campaigns with advanced phishing scenarios and hacker toolkit

Our Hacker Toolkit

Explore our comprehensive hacker toolkit, providing you with the flexibility to conduct attacks ranging from simple to highly targeted.

With these tools you can orchestrate the most convincing attacks:

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Lucy AutoClone

  • Create exact replicas of webpages that your employees are using within seconds, to make the simulation as customized as possible
  • It can even be your company’s website, portal, or payment landing page
Landing page, website template
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Domain Registration

  • Register any free domain you desire directly through the system, allowing you to customize your phishing campaigns with authenticity
  • Get an SSL certificate with your registered domain, ensuring secure communication and boosting trust among recipients
Domain registration
Email service

Fake CC and Sender Identity

  • Choose and modify sender names and emails to align with the simulation storyline
  • Conduct spear phishing simulations with familiar addresses included in the CC field
Email options

Advanced Attack Simulations

Highly effective attackers go beyond standard phishing through advanced techniques, and so should you.

We at ThriveDX offers a variety of advanced attack scenarios:

Double Barrel Attack Simulation

The Double Barrel Attack Simulation is an advanced phishing technique that involves combining multiple attack vectors to deceive and target individuals within an organization.

Our Lucy platform helps you with:

  1. Creating realistic simulations of dual attack vectors
  2. Scheduling the simulations for setting up entirely in advance
  3. Training your employees with modules dedicated for double barrel
Double Barrel Attack

Smishing Attack Simulation

In a mobile-driven world, focus on strengthened defense against mobile threats to empower your workforce to:

  1. Identify suspicious messages
  2. Avoid providing sensitive information
  3. Protect mobile devices from malware infections

Our Smishing feature includes:

  1. Built-in API with leading centralized SMS gateways
  2. Broadcast SMS phishing campaigns directly from Lucy
  3. Centralized provisioning and monitoring
Smishing Attack

File-Based Attack Simulation

A file-based attack is a type of cyber attack where malicious files, such as infected documents or executables, are used to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise a system or network.

File-based attacks allow the Lucy admin to:

  1. Integrate different file types (office documents with macros, PDFs, executables, MP3s, etc.) into mail attachments or websites generated on Lucy
  2. Measure the user download or execution rate
File-Based Attack

Vishing Attack Simulation

Vishing, short for “voice phishing,” is a type of social engineering attack where scammers use phone calls to deceive individuals and extract sensitive information or gain unauthorized access.

With our managed services you can achieve:

  1. Social engineering awareness by training your employees on suspicious phone calls
  2. Effective call handling strategies with short and engaging training content
Vishing Attack

Whaling Attack Simulation

Whaling attacks are targeted phishing attacks that specifically aim at high-profile individuals, such as executives or senior management, to trick them into revealing sensitive information or performing unauthorized actions.

Our ThriveDX Lucy helps you with:

  1. Executive-level awareness training, focusing on the unique security risks and tactics associated with whaling
  2. Knowledge and skills to identify personalized and highly targeted whaling attacks
Whaling Attack
campaign creation

Comprehensive Simulation Wizard

Our campaign wizard empowers you to tailor sophisticated attack simulations and training content to your specific needs and objectives, while providing step-by-step guidance for seamless execution and management.

  • Launch and customize campaigns thoroughly
  • Step by step user-friendly campaign management
  • Option to extend the simulation also to training content that will be provided to your employees right after

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