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Software Development Bootcamp

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Employment of software developers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for other occupations. Software development professionals construct innovative web and application solutions to improve how we live through a more accessible online world. Software developers are valued in the digital workplace for their ability to address all points of an agile software development project, work on back-end and front-end development, reduce project costs, and support the entire team dynamic.

High demand for technical talent has spurred employers worldwide to fill skills gaps in their workforces, leaving some companies scrambling to catch up, and higher education institutions searching for the right training curricula. ThriveDX answers the call with our top Software Development Bootcamp program, where learners enrolled in our software development training gain in-demand, industry-ready skills in coding, along with best practices in advanced programming techniques such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and lean software development.

Software Development Bootcamp Program Outline

The ThriveDX Software Development Bootcamp is a comprehensive technology course designed to successfully prepare your career-minded learners to thrive in one of the most in-demand technology fields: software development. Our online software development program enables you to address the global skills gap with a market-driven curriculum that includes real-world, problem solving scenarios. Learners in our program leave with the skills to apply the principles of sound software development in the digital workplace to decrease programming effort, costs, and defect rates, while driving technology innovation throughout their careers.

Introductory Course

The Introductory Course serves to provide a wholesome visualization of what the entire Software Development Professional Bootcamp will teach. It gives learners a short overview of the first five courses in a way that focuses on projects they can immediately begin to build to showcase their skills to potential employers.

HTML & Web Accessibility

This course establishes a solid foundation in the building blocks of web pages, and ties web development into current events and real-life situations.

CSS & CSS Frameworks

Learners gain the ability to style the layouts they learned to create in their previous HTML & Web Accessibility. This course covers a wide variety of techniques for styling an interface for the web, beginning with foundational concepts and common practices for writing CSS by hand and concluding with the usage of related tools that style more efficiently.

User Experience & User Interface Design

Learners are introduced to the research skills that are necessary to identify users and the solutions users need. Learning about UI/UX further solidifies the earlier concepts of usability and accessibility in addition to exploration of Agile methodology that prepares learners for product and time management on cross-functional, self-managing teams.

JavaScript & Front-End Web Development

The JavaScript & Front-End Web Development course gives learners the fundamentals of their first programming language, practices DOM manipulation and events on front-end web pages, and introduces more advanced JavaScript concepts to scaffold topics in later courses.

Milestone Project 1: Browser Game

This milestone project allows learners to explore their skills in the areas of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learners will be able to demonstrate their ability with DOM manipulation and connecting events in a web browser. Additionally, learners will have the opportunity to design a functional and elegant user experience as they deploy the game on the web and share it with their classmates.

Back-End Development & APIs

This course opens up the world of server-side programming via Node.js and Express, and enables learners to create and document custom RESTful APIs while following best practices and using industry-standard tools for testing as they pursue agile software development skills for engineering roles.

React and Redux

This course builds on the concepts of JavaScript & Front-End Web Development, fundamental elements of software developer courses for beginners that focuses on teaching learners to use current industry tools to build more robust user interfaces and state management.

SQL & Data Modeling

SQL & Data Modeling is an important part of software development training that prepares learners to use relational databases and manage data on a large scale. Learners practice creating normalized data models, migrations to manage schema and content over time, and common optimization techniques found in the software industry.

Milestone Project 2: MERN Stack Application

This milestone project is a group project that uses React as the front end, Node.js and Express as the back-end API, and MongoDB (a NoSQL database) to persist data.


Learners are introduced to the fundamentals of data access management and are encouraged to prioritize securing data and identifying proper and improper access to information. Learners build applications to support user authentication and authorization with discussion topics including several common security flaws and tactics to protect against them, as well as encryption and hashing.

Principles of Programming with Python

The Principles of Programming with Python course is meant to boost confidence and solidify programming fundamentals through learning a new programming language. Additionally, this course aims to give IT software engineers and programmers a well-rounded understanding of computer science theory and provide discussion of useful programming paradigms and applications of programming outside of the web environment.

Advanced Topics

This advanced, specialized course allows learners to explore one or more of the following topic courses to become a software engineer or software developer: introductory deployment and DevOps topics, cloud computing, TypeScript, and SaaS.

Milestone Project 3: Final Project

In this milestone project, learners in our online software development program will leverage the cumulative skills they have gained in the program to create a complex application of their choice. Applying in-demand knowledge to complex software projects, They will be able to use Python or Node.js to create a project that utilizes one or more of the technologies covered earlier in the program. This includes but is not limited to real-time applications, identity and access management, and cloud applications.

Career Services

This course is dedicated to supporting the learner’s job search in the software development industry. A variety of career topics and services are covered, including training for interviews; how to network; assistance in internship placement; and 1:1 meetings for resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and more.

Why Choose ThriveDX


Learners gain proficiency in a multitude of methodologies, knowledge, and tools, leaving the program armed with a robust software development portfolio that they can quickly leverage in the digital workplace for software engineer roles.


The ThriveDX Software Development Bootcamp prepares learners to apply their skills toward acquiring globally recognized engineering and developer certifications, including AWS Certified Developer, Microsoft Azure Engineer, and Google Cloud Developer.*

A partnership for the ages

By partnering with ThriveDX, you will receive the boost you need to keep pace in the digital age by providing coveted access to an educational offering that promotes technology competency to become a software engineer without a degree. Our comprehensive enrollment and admissions team, marketing support, and talent matching services allow you to focus on the important job of cultivating the software developers of tomorrow.

* While the curriculum covers much of the knowledge needed to perform well on industry exams, this program is not a test-preparation program, where the primary focus is the learner’s performance on the exam. The program is designed to teach in-demand knowledge for today’s workforce. Certification exams are not conducted as part of the program and require additional costs not included in tuition.

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