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The global COVID-19 pandemic has propelled digital transformation into a new era across industries, leading to a widening skills gap in sectors such as user interface and experience (UX/UI) design. Any business with a digital presence needs attractive, top-quality UI/UX. It is now critical for brands to hire and retain skilled UX and UI career professionals to create products and experiences that engage their audience.

As an added incentive, increases in remote working, e-learning, e-commerce, digital payment technologies, and telehealth have fueled the need for specialized expertise in areas that cross both user experience and customer experience.

Learners in ThriveDX’s UI/UX Design Bootcamp dive deep into the theory, best practices, and tools of modern digital design. Learners become graduates prepared for exciting, dynamic projects and competitive salaries for varying careers. From product design research, mobile app and web prototyping, UX writing and design, information architecture, and other roles that advance the digital experience beyond the ordinary.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp Program Outline

The ThriveDX UI/UX Design Bootcamp is ideal for learners looking for a new career path and career advancement that spans across industries. From marketing and technology industries to healthcare and higher education, the possibilities are limitless. Our immersive and dynamic technology courses provide hands-on training in user-centric experiences to help learners build a comprehensive portfolio of work that translates to today’s digital workplace. This program enables you to address the skills gap with the immediate training that learners need to get ahead and enter the industry of their choosing without delay.

Introductory Course

The Introductory Course introduces learners to user interface and user experience design, as well as the foundations of visual design for multipurpose application, paving the way for students to assess their interest in the career field as well as their compatibility with professional UI/UX roles.

How to Think Like a Designer

Before learning UI/UX fundamentals, this course challenges learners to think from the perspective of a design professional and explore the in-demand tools designers use.

Visual Design Essentials

In this course, learners begin to build a foundation in visual design skills in order to be successful UI or UX designers by focusing on the fundamental elements of typography, color, and composition.

UI Design Essentials

Learners take their visual design knowledge to the next level to hone UI fundamental skills, including designing responsive websites and apps using UI design patterns, layouts, and design systems.

UX Design Essentials

In this course, learners explore UX processes and common UX assets that designers create on a daily basis that help learners gain the skills and knowledge to ensure a user-centric design is successful. Common assets learners explore are market research, personas, journey mapping, user flows, and information architecture.

Conducting Research

Successful design doesn’t happen by chance, or continue to function as intended without thorough strategy. In order to make informed design decisions, learners discover the complexity of conducting proper visual design research with the highest impact to ensure its relevance and a positive audience reception. Learners then discuss and assess design research methods that establish a high-quality product that fits user, market, and business needs through appropriate design, market, and user research. Learners utilize remote tools and collaborate in teams to synthesize their findings into actionable data, as well as align research and findings that will impact design deliverables.

Ideating & Prototyping

Design takes on multiple formats and transitions through several iterations before reaching the final product. After building their UX and UI foundational skills, learners now begin to create sketches and paper prototypes to rapidly identify viable visual design solutions to design problems.

Usability Testing

Just as every design has many iterations, many UX and UI design products go through different forms of testing. In this course, learners explore the different types of usability tests including how to set up and conduct these tests on their designs in order to synthesize their findings to better improve their final designs.

High-Fidelity Design

Professional UX and UI designers use high-fidelity mockups and prototypes to visually and functionally represent the finished product as much as possible. Learners apply color, typography, iconography, and images to design a visually appealing, accessible, functional, and engaging industry product similar to those produced in UI/UX careers.


This course introduces learners to the function and principles of animation in design and how to craft virtual interactions that are both user-friendly and useful.

Team Project

During this portion of the Bootcamp, learners acquire crucial teamwork skills to produce a group project that demonstrates their ability to plan and execute visual designs, communicate effectively, manage time and resources, and practice presentation skills that mimic the expertise and workflow of professionals in the UI design and UX design field.

Introduction to Front-End Development

Light coding, markup and style languages are foundational elements of the digital world of website and application design, making it necessary to understand these more involved aspects of UI design and UX design. Learners are introduced to the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, as well as their importance, and delve into the nuances of web development, coding, and how a website is built.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The field of UI/UX intersects with many industries, digital marketing is no different. To better understand application of UI/UX design concepts across different forms of visual design, this course introduces the principles of digital marketing and its connection to the UI/UX industry. Learners gain knowledge of SEO, copywriting, and designing for social media, and more!

Design Portfolios

This course allows learners to dedicate time to developing their professional design portfolios that will showcase UI/UX skills and experience to potential employers or clients.

Preparing for a Design Career

This specialized course helps learners plan for an exciting UI design and UX design career and honing in on a career path by preparing for design technical interviews and gaining insight into freelance and contract design.

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Learners receive the relevant, in-demand UI/UX knowledge and skills needed to design products for any employer across varying industries, in addition to mastery of design tools for showcasing a robust visual design portfolio that performs in the digital workplace.

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ThriveDX is your education partner, here to help you build a UI design and UX design curriculum to meet current market trends, attract hungry learners, and deliver the best in career-prep training — so you can empower the next generation of workforce leaders!

Build confidence from the start

From week one to graduation, learners discuss design for practical application of design principles, presenting their work and collaborating on teams while learning the industry jargon of professional designers. Learners experience hands-on training from pros at Google, Facebook, and NASA to propel their careers to new heights, and can confidently discuss UI and UX design concepts using high-quality samples in interviews. With our help, learners identify suitable roles and negotiate competitive salaries that will take them on their new, successful career journey.

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