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ThriveDX delivers game-changing and cost-effective solutions that empower companies to shift from the traditional zero-sum mindset in cybersecurity talent battles. We explore new talent pools to facilitate the rapid creation of a sustainable and diverse pipeline of quality, job-ready professionals.

ThriveDX’s Talent Solutions

ThriveDX delivers game-changing and cost-effective solutions, enabling companies to move away from the traditional zero-sum approach in cybersecurity talent battles. By exploring new talent avenues, we not only facilitate the rapid creation of a sustainable pipeline of high-quality professionals but also pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse cyber workforce. Whether you aim to reskill your current employees, train and hire diverse talents, recruit job-ready graduates, or staff roles flexibly on a monthly contract, we offer four tailored talent solutions to meet your needs.

Apprenti’s Cybersecurity
Apprenticeship Program

ThriveDX collaborates with Apprenti, functioning as a training provider in the apprenticeship model. Through Registered Apprenticeship, Apprenti can source, assess, train, and place cybersecurity talent within your company, offsetting training costs, all in just 3 months.

Key Benefits:

  • Offset Training Costs
  • 30% Reduced Hiring Costs
  • 90% Retention Rate
  • Access to Job-Ready Diverse Talents
  • Talent Certified in Accordance with NICE-NIST 800-181


Reskill From Within – Boost Internal Growth & Opportunities

Boost your internal mobility and career path development by reskilling your own employees. Not only will you be championing their career progression, but you’ll also reap the rewards of a strengthened internal team.

Send them to our Cybersecurity Bootcamp running in partnership with elite universities or retrain them as part of your own branded Cyber Academy.

Hire Our Grads

Fill open positions in IT and cybersecurity immediately by hiring our ready-to-work bootcamp graduates.

Our ThriveDX Employer Engagement team can help your company recruit and hire learners from all our in-demand programs.

Our graduates are now proud trailblazers at renowned firms such as IBM, Mandiant, and Jacobs.

“ThriveDX provides the opportunity for people from any sector or background to reskill and start a new career from scratch.”

Giant Ben-Dar, COO, Citadel Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity & IT Staffing

ThriveDX provides flexible staffing solutions for cybersecurity and IT positions. Our talent is deployed and managed on a contract basis, empowering your team with specialized staffing strategies to strengthen your organization.

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Apprenticeship Program

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