Top 4 Takeaways from the TDX Tech Summit

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On November 2–3, 2022, ThriveDX hosted its inaugural TDX Tech Summit. The mission of this virtual conference was to embark on a journey to gather and share knowledge and insights, aided by industry leaders focused on creating diversity and equity in cybersecurity and the technology industry. In total, ThriveDX had over 600 registered participants, 22 panels, and 5 different tracks focused on Early Career, Mid-Career, Talent Acquisition, Cybersecurity, as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Check out the top 4 takeaways and event highlights from this year’s Tech Summit. A special thanks to our sponsors. O’Reilly, HubSpot, and CompTIA, for helping to make this event a success! The event wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without the incredible lineup of speakers who took the time to share insights and expertise with attendees. A full list can be found here:

Our Top 4 Takeaways

  1. Your Career Trajectory may be Non-Linear


Your Career

The road to success for tech professionals is not always paved in easy-to-follow steps, nor is it always a linear process. When it comes to professional growth and mapping out one’s career trajectory, industry leaders point out that it’s crucial to take things in stride while remaining strategic with your decision making along the way.

Click on the the Early Career & Mid-Career session cards to watch the recorded sessions on YouTube.

keynote speaker anne leslie, pivots and upskilling
Pivots and Upskilling: The Obstacle is the Way
fireside chat, tdx tech summit,
How to Post Content that Helps you Lands your Dream Job
TDX Tech Summit, how to break into tech
How to Break Into Tech

Your Pipeline

Knowing who you are as a company or brand — your mission, values, and purpose — and understanding the personal needs and career desires of your employees is a critical step in attracting new talent. The talent pipeline is composed of individuals with different beliefs, and tastes, and it’s critical that hiring managers and company leaders understand these differences across individual candidates as well as professional background and even generational affiliations. From identifying current company needs to understanding the kinds of dialogue that occur between employers and candidates, it is crucial for industry leaders and for recruiters to be aware that the talent pipeline is largely influenced by what shapes each individual.

Click on the Talent Acquisition session cards to watch the recorded sessions via our YouTube channel.

genz talent, genz workforce, retain talent
How to Recruit and Retain Gen Z Tech Talent
tech evaluation, finding talent in a tight market
How do You Access and Evaluate Tech Talent in a Tight Market?
metaverse jobs, web 3point0
Will Web 3.0 & the Metaverse Create more Tech Jobs?

Your Culture

Today’s talent scarcity can be felt to varying degrees across a number of industry groups. But what often slips through the cracks during periods of evaluation and assessment are the very practices and policies that oversee recruitment peak seasons. Many of these practices can be convoluted when it comes to retaining skilled tech professionals, or any candidate for that matter. Companies who excel in this environment tend to be the ones who embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as a component of their recruitment strategy. Unfortunately, true understanding of what this means remains an enigma to some. With courage and open discussion, registrants of the TDX Tech Summit got to the heart of DEI and its impact on tech professionals today. By opening doors to deep understanding, the opportunity to segue into pivotal pathways has begun.

Click on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion session cards below to watch videos on Youtube.

diversity equality inclusion, DEI webinar
DEI Is Everybody’s Work
Recognizing unconscious bias, workforce bias
Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Hiring Practices

Your Security

Closing the TDX Tech Summit on Day 2, ThriveDX was joined by industry leaders and experts from ThriveDX Enterprise, CompTIA, NightDragon, MSA Security, OpenWeb, and the Association of National Advertisers, among others. After deliberation and discourse surrounding the need to dismantle common myths, registrants discovered that common beliefs among tech professionals about where cybersecurity risk factors appear and what mitigation entails is entirely reliant on human understanding, not just behavior. Although many of us would hope that security efforts will and should remain within the capable hands of highly-trained cyber analysts, the future of online security tells a different tale.

Click on the Cybersecurity session cards below to watch videos on Youtube.

future of cybersecurity,
Fireside Chat: The Future of Cybersecurity Workforce
healthcare cybersecurity
Healthcare vs. Hackers: Cybersecurity Approaches Discussed by Industry Experts
Source Code, Coding Scenarios
Secure Code: The Good, The Bad, and the Future
cybersecurity awareness
The X Factor in Cybersecurity is Human: Why Awareness Isn’t Enough

Wrap Up

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