CompTIA® Security+ Certification: The Competitive Advantage for Cybersecurity Professionals

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA® Security+ certification is a globally recognized certification that validates the baseline skills, aptitude, and commitment to succeeding at the cutting edge of the cybersecurity industry.

Certification validates your ability to perform core security functions within the capabilities of your IT security expertise. CompTIA® Security+ is the most widely adopted certification on the market and is fully compliant with U.S. Department of Defense standards.

This certification moves applicants to the front of the line for cybersecurity roles with high growth, makes salaries more competitive even at the entry level, and creates the path for diverse opportunities across a wide range of booming industries.

About CompTIA® Security+ – What Can Certification Do For You?

Security+ certification awards a valuable asset for those pursuing a career in the cybersecurity field. Keeping up with robust security measures is critical in a field where the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Certified applicants carry the validation of applying core skills and are viewed as high-potential dynamic candidates who can advance businesses towards greater, high-level security profiles.

CompTIA® Security+ certification is based on industry standards. The Department of Defense and several employers within the field recognize the certification as the baseline for cybersecurity skills. Based on applied knowledge, the certification proves that the candidate is competent in monitoring and securing the critical infrastructure through several environments, including hybrid and proprietary enterprise systems. Alongside the knowledge and application of core cybersecurity tasks, Security+ certification governs a broad skill set that is based on real-world security challenges. From even an entry-level position, this certification can set up a smooth advancement into positions such as security analyst, engineer, operations, penetration testing, and other roles to be introduced into the workforce.
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CompTIA® Security+ Exam Essentials – Certification Requirements and Subjects

To earn the certification, the candidate must pass an exam that can be taken either online or in person at a local test center. The Security+ certification exam is 90 minutes long with questions spanning six individual subjects. Subjects include:

  • Network Security
  • Compliance and Operational Security
  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  • Application, Data, and Device Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Assessment and Testing

Containing both simulations and virtual environments, the examination provides exercises centered around problem-solving with limited options. Providing full access to the tools needed on the job, the certification exam is centered on a hands-on approach centered around thinking critically, rather than reciting textbook answers.

Exam Preparations

The Security+ exam throws real-world problems at you in both simulations and virtual environments. Simulations act like simplified models. They give you a taste of how to solve problems with limited options. Virtual environments, on the other hand, give you full access to the tools and tech, just like you would on the job. This hands-on approach helps you prove you can think, not just answer textbook questions.

To best prepare for the exam, there are a variety of resources available including online courses, a practice test, as well as study guides. Online learning includes the CompTIA® learning platform for a self-paced study experience. Practice tests and study guides contain informative and interactive content with features for feedback to help point in the direction where greater understanding is needed.

Enrolling in a cybersecurity bootcamp is one of the best ways to prepare with little to no technical background. With a greater foundation in cybersecurity principles and practical skills, obtaining certification will come quicker and easier.

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CompTIA® Security+ and the Cybersecurity Job Market

Not only does the certification make the candidate stand out amongst other applicants, but it also validates their range and versatility toward other roles in cybersecurity.

Possible Job Positions with CompTIA® Security+ Certification

The CompTIA® Security+ certification opens up lots of exciting career opportunities where you’ll get to use your cyber skills to keep the digital world safe and secure.  Here are just a few of the many different roles that utilize the skills needed to earn this certification:

Penetration Testing

The professional responsible is tasked with securing the digital infrastructure with rigorous testing, analyzing, and safeguarding against emerging threats. Practices may include raising employee awareness, routine testing of associates in trusted positions, and uncovering weaknesses in server and cloud configurations. Traditionally this role was called an “ethical hacker” with the main goal of mitigating potential security weaknesses.

Network Security Operations

Monitoring and analyzing traffic to detect anomalies and rising threats. This includes maintaining detection systems, vulnerability scans, and the fortification of firewall defenses.

Security Architect

Using a deep understanding of hardware and software, an architect oversees the operations of a complex security system while taking on other responsibilities including strategic actions in securing frameworks.

Security Consultant

Works closely with managers and company-employed analysts to decrease risks within an organization. Plans security architecture for all IT-related activities.

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Obtaining a CompTIA® Security+ certification opens the door for varying roles in cybersecurity that are both new and growing. Time towards becoming certified ranges on the learner’s study pace as well as their application towards the training provided. Alongside certification, it’s recommended to have a general understanding of how computer systems and networks operate. There are no formal prerequisites for enrolling in the certification courses. Our accelerated, expert-led course allows you to work asynchronously at your own pace.


Is CompTIA® security plus worth it in IT?

CompTIA® Security+ is a valuable certification for today’s IT professionals. Obtaining certification validates skills highly sought-after by potential employers. Becoming certified increases job opportunities and earning potential.

Is CompTIA® security+ hard to pass?

Difficulty may vary depending on existing IT knowledge and experience. While there are no formal prerequisites for certification. CompTIA® recommends at least two years of prior IT experience with a focus on security and prior experience with the CompTIA® Network+ certification. Many individuals have successfully passed the exam with practice, the proper study materials, and preparations.

Is Security Plus easier than CCNA?

The difficulty of either accreditation can vary based on the skills, expertise, and background of the individual. Both exams are entry-level with no prerequisites. It is said that Security+’s broader approach could make the program easier, whereas others with networking experience could see the CCNA as less difficult.

What is CompTIA® Security+ certification?

CompTIA® Security+ certification is an internationally recognized credential for professionals in the field. Certification validates baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions, an ideal accreditation for entry-level security professionals.

CompTIA Secuirty +

Why is CompTIA® Security+ important for a career in cybersecurity?

CompTIA® Security+ validates essential skills and knowledge required for consideration in obtaining various roles in the cybersecurity industry. This significantly increases your job prospects as your application becomes more competitive within the selection process. Security+ creates a solid foundation for pursuing other, more specialized certifications. Certification opens the doors to various entry-level cybersecurity roles and also serves as a stepping stone towards more advanced certifications and career paths in cybersecurity.

What topics are covered in the CompTIA® Security+ exam?

The CompTIA® Security+ exam covers topics such as network security, threats and vulnerabilities, identity management, access control, cryptography, and risk management.

Is CompTIA® Security+ worth it for IT professionals in 2024?

While cybersecurity remains a critical focus area in the IT industry, it remains an important certification for IT Professionals in 2024.

Can CompTIA® Security+ help in getting a job in IT security?

CompTIA® Security+ demonstrates your knowledge and skills in ways that open doors to various roles such as analyst, technician, and specialist. Certification also serves as a stepping stone toward career advancement in the industry.

What is the passing score for the CompTIA® Security+ exam?

A passing score for the Security+ exam is 750 out of 900 possible points. The test is both multiple choice and performance-based within 90 minutes.

How long is the CompTIA® Security+ certification valid?

Security+ certification is valid for three years from the date of certification. Certification can be renewed by completing continuing education activities or passing the latest version of the CompTIA® Security+ exam.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the CompTIA® Security+ exam?

Security+ certification is an entry-level accreditation for which there are no formal prerequisites needed to qualify for the exam. It is recommended to have two years of IT experience with a security focus, and prepare for the exam by taking training courses, practice exams, as well as study guides.

What are the career opportunities after obtaining CompTIA® Security+ certification?

Earning certification demonstrates commitment and aptitude towards working in the field, it shows employers you are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills needed, making you a more competitive candidate. Jobs that require or may benefit from Security+ certification include analysis, engineers, admins, as well as auditors and controllers.

How difficult is the CompTIA® Security+ exam?

Difficulty with the exam can vary based on your background and previous expertise within the IT and cybersecurity field. Content in the Security+ exam is set up to build off the general ideas and then go into the more advanced topics once a baseline understanding is met. With adequate training and study, many find the exam manageable to pass.

Can I take the CompTIA® Security+ exam online?

The CompTIA® Security+ exam can be taken online through a proctored environment allowing for flexibility and convenience for today’s busy professionals.

Are there any renewal requirements for CompTIA® Security+ certification?

Certification holders must renew their accreditation every three years. Renewal can be achieved in two ways: (1) passing the most recent CompTIA® Security+ Exam, and (2) earning continuing education units (CEUs). Within the renewal period, certification requires 50 CEUs.

What is the difference between CompTIA® Security+ 601 and 701?

601 and 701 are different versions of the Security+ exam. The older, 601 exam is based on previous exam objectives and is no longer valid as of July 31st, 2021. 701 is the current version of the exam, designed to reflect the latest in cybersecurity technologies.

Is there any recommended training for CompTIA® Security+ preparation?

CompTIA® offers official study guides, practice tests, as well as eLearning programs to best prepare for the certification exam. Some third-party vendors offer training materials and lectures. Several of these resources are free including posting on community forums with other learners and professionals.

How does CompTIA® Security+ compare to other cybersecurity certifications?

Security+ provides a foundation that validates the broad application of cybersecurity principles. It provides a launching pad for other specialties such as network security, cloud security, as well as ethical hacking.

Can I use CompTIA® Security+ as a stepping stone for advanced certifications?

Of course! CompTIA® Security+ certification shows a resourcefulness and desire to move ahead in the cybersecurity field.

Are there free resources available for CompTIA® Security+ exam preparation?

CompTIA® offers a wealth of information relating to official training materials, study guides, and online courses to help you prepare for the Security+ exam. Additionally, there are third-party resources available. It is best recommended to employ a variety of resources to ensure a more comprehensive and well-rounded view of the certification and its importance.


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