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Elevate career readiness with knowledge and skills that meet the demands of the modern workplace for digital design innovation.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries, leading to a widening skills gap in sectors such as user interface and experience (UI/UX) design. Quality UI/UX is a critical element for any business with a digital presence. Brands are seeking skilled designers to create products and experiences that engage their audience and provide elegant solutions.

Furthermore, increases in remote working, e-commerce, e-learning, digital payment technologies, and telehealth have fueled the need for specialized expertise in areas that touch the customer experience. UI/UX designers focus on developing applications that enhance and streamline the user experience as it relates to look and feel, responsiveness, and interactivity.

Individuals enrolled in the ThriveDX UI/UX Design Bootcamp dive deep into the theory and tools of modern digital design in preparation for rewarding careers in product design research, web prototyping, and other roles that promote interconnectivity and move the digital experience forward.

UI/UX Design Program Outline

The ThriveDX UI/UX Design Bootcamp is ideal for learners looking for a new career path or career advancement. Our immersive and dynamic technology course provides hands-on training in user-centric experiences to help learners build a comprehensive portfolio of work that translates to today’s digital workplace. The program enables you to address the existing skills gap with spot-on essential training learners need to get ahead in user interface/user experience design.

The Introductory Course introduces learners to user interface and user experience design, as well as the foundations of visual design, paving the way for students to assess their interest in a career in the field.
Before learning UI/UX fundamentals, this course challenges learners to think from the perspective of a design professional and explore the in-demand tools designers use.
In order to be a successful UI or UX designer, a foundation in visual design skills is essential. This course focuses on the foundations of visual design, including typography, color, and composition.
Learners build on their visual design knowledge to focus on UI fundamentals, including designing responsive websites and apps using UI design patterns, layouts, and design systems.
In this course, participants will learn about the processes and most common UX assets that designers create on a daily basis that help ensure a user-centric digital design is successful. These assets include market research, personas, journey mapping, user flows, and information architecture.
Successful design doesn’t happen by chance. Conducting research leads to making informed design decisions. This course touches on design research methods to ensure designers are building a product that fits user, market, and business needs. In this course, participants will learn to design and conduct market and user research using remote tools and how to synthesize their findings into actionable data that directly impacts the resulting design deliverables. Learners will begin to work in teams to align their research and findings.
In this course, learners create sketches and paper prototypes to rapidly identify viable solutions to design problems. After sketching, students will create low- to mid-fidelity wireframes (grayscale digital blueprints) that enable designers to make efficient designs without fixating on perfection.
Participants will learn the different types of usability tests and how to set up and conduct these tests on their designs. They learn how to synthesize their findings to better iterate on their design.
Designers use high-fidelity mockups and prototypes to represent the product as close to the finished version as possible. In this course, learners use color, typography, iconography, and images to design a visually appealing, accessible, functional, and engaging product.
This course introduces learners to the function and principles of animation in design and how to craft virtual interactions that are both user-friendly and useful.
During this portion of the bootcamp, learners work with their classmates to produce a group project that develops skills in teamwork. Participants come away with a project for their professional portfolio that demonstrates their ability to work as an invaluable member of a design team.
Learners are introduced to the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, and delve into web development, coding, and how a website is built.
This course introduces the principles of digital marketing and its connection to UI/UX. Learners gain an understanding of SEO, copywriting, and designing for social media.
This course allows learners to dedicate time to developing their professional design portfolios that will showcase UI/UX skills and experience to potential employers or clients.
This specialized course helps learners hone in on a career path and plan for an exciting future in UI/UX design. During this course, learners will prepare for design technical interviews and gain insight into freelance and contract design.


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Learners receive the on-point UI/UX knowledge and skills needed to design products for everyone, plus showcase mastery of industry-trending design tools for a robust portfolio valued in the digital workplace.



As your education partner, ThriveDX is here to help you build a UI/UX curriculum to meet current market trends and deliver the best in career-prep training — so you can empower the next generation of workforce leaders.



From week one, learners discuss design, present their work, and learn how to talk like designers, with hands-on training from pros at Google, Facebook, and NASA. When they get to a job interview, they are prepared to confidently talk about their work and collaborate effectively.


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