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(SCTP) Impact Cybersecurity Professional Course

100% Virtual  |  24-Week Programme

Temasek Polytechnic, in a new partnership with ThriveDX, is proud to offer the (SCTP) Impact Cybersecurity Professional Course. This 24-week programme is online and uses an accelerated, hands-on model so you can enter the cybersecurity industry with the skills you need to succeed.


Essential Funding
Information for Your Journey

Eligible students can secure their spot in the programme for just a S$17,440 (with gst) fee, with up to 95% funding support (including AFS). For more information on the programme, please visit: (SCTP) Impact Cybersecurity Professional Course.

Cybersecurity Needs You

With the rate of cyber-attacks reaching record highs, there is an urgent need for cybersecurity professionals at all levels of ability.

The Need for Cybersecurity

43% of organisations have a shortage of cybersecurity staff because they can’t find enough qualified talent.*

The Talent Gap

This talent gap means that there is functionally a 0% unemployment rate for cybersecurity professionals.*

What an Accelerated Bootcamp Can Do To Help

An accelerated bootcamp is the best way to gain the necessary skills to fill one of 3.4 million open global cybersecurity positions.*

Qualify for Five In-Demand Jobs

Our part-time online programme aligns with the NICE Framework to prepare learners to apply for the following cybersecurity jobs:

Cyber Defence Analyst

Analyse and respond to cyber threats, implement security measures, and safeguard our systems and data.

Cyber Forensic Analyst

Investigate cyber crimes and breaches by analysing digital evidence to identify attackers.

Cyber Incident Responder

Detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents by analysing breaches.

Cyber Infrastructure Support Specialist

Manage IT infrastructure, monitor networks, troubleshoot issues, and implement security measures.

Network Operations Specialist

Monitor, troubleshoot, and improve network performance and collaborate with IT on infrastructure.

Programme Details

Bootcamp begins on June 10th, 2024

  • Part-time for 6 months every Monday and Wednesday
  • Each 3-hour class ensures a deep, immersive learning experience

Comprehensive Curriculum
Dive into best-in-class content, meticulously designed and delivered in an accelerated format for a thorough understanding of cybersecurity.

Homework Commitment
To complement your learning, expect to dedicate approximately 12 hours per week to homework, reinforcing concepts and skills learnt in class.


In order to join the programme, candidates need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident or a permanent resident of Singapore
  • Have any IT experience or a diploma/university degree in any field
  • Be able to read, write, and speak with great English
  • Desire to start working in the cybersecurity industry

Your Catalyst for Career Growth

Accelerated Program

Our accelerated learning methodology and streamlined curriculum focus on teaching you the specific skills you will need for the job market.

Hands-On Training

To ensure you get to practise what you learn, we have developed over 100 unique labs and exercises.

Blended Model

Our unique blended model combines the best of virtual classes and self-paced learning.

Industry Leading Certifications

ThriveDX is an official partner of AWS, CompTIA®, and CertNexus®.

About Our Partner

ThriveDX is the global leader in cybersecurity training. Leveraging over 10 years of expertise, our team has built a range of learning solutions in cyber, digital skills, and information security designed to tackle the worldwide skills gap and talent shortage.





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Apprenticeship Program

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