ThriveDX Statement of Support for the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES)

Statement of Support from ThriveDX, NCWES

By Dan Vigdor, Founder, Co-CEO and Executive Chairman & Tim Roemer, President, Public Sector, ThriveDX

Today, the White House released the long anticipated National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES), which recognizes the need to strengthen our cyber workforce in the United States as an imperative national and economic security priority.

As a global leader in cybersecurity training that upskills and reskills individuals from corporations, enterprises, academic institutions, and government entities to equip them with the necessary skills to enter the cyber workforce, ThriveDX celebrates and supports this critical effort.

Last year, ThriveDX was honored to participate at the White House Cyber Workforce Summit, which laid the foundations to this critical work. Today, we are delighted to celebrate the publication of the NCWES and extend our commitment in support of the Administration’s implementation of the NCWES.

As mentioned by our government and ecosystem partners, achieving our mutual goal to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap to address the diverse talent shortage is not a one person job, but an ongoing journey that can only be achieved through continuous collaboration and strategic partnerships. It requires long-term commitment, support, and a scalable platform that can bring stakeholders together to continuously innovate.

Through our ongoing mission to create a sustainable talent pipeline of cybersecurity professionals from all backgrounds, especially in underrepresented and under-resourced communities. We are excited to announce our strong support for this initiative and our plans to enhance and expand our commitments and collaboration with the Administration and our ecosystem partners.

ThriveDX has taken and will continue to execute the following plans and actions to move forward the four key pillars of the NCWES:

  1. Equip every American with foundational cyber skills

    We have now launched the ThriveDX BlackGirlsHack Scholars Program. The ThriveDX BlackGirlsHack Scholars Program provides 25 learners from BlackGirlsHack with full tuition and fees for the ThriveDX Cybersecurity Professional Program. This Scholars Program enables a cohort of 25 individuals, who are associated with BlackGirlsHack, to receive support and benefits needed to successfully complete the program and secure new employment in the growing field of cybersecurity. Read more details on this program here.

  2. Transform cyber education

    We have solidified a partnership with OneTen, a coalition designed to close the opportunity gap for Black talent in the United States by working with America’s leading executives, companies and talent developers to hire and advance one million Black individuals without four-year degrees into sustainable roles over ten years. ThriveDX joined OneTen’s growing portfolio of leading educators, upskillers and career training providers committed to providing in-demand skills for sought-after jobs at the country’s top employers. This collaboration will open up many potential opportunities to place Black talent into technology and cybersecurity B2B training programs. More information on our partnership with OneTen can be found here.

  3. Expand and enhance America’s cyber workforce

    In collaboration with OpenPolicy, ThriveDX will support the formation of a coalition of leading startups, unicorns and investment firms to collaborate with the Administration and fellow ecosystem players on advancing cyber workforce and human-centric cybersecurity policy issues, as the implementation of the NCWES progresses.

    To address the national cybersecurity talent gap, we remain committed to strengthening and expanding our partnerships with academic institutions. Moreover, we are introducing ThriveDX Cybersecurity Professional Program to unserved geographies.

  4. Strengthen the federal cyber workforce

    To extend our existing collaboration with the local community in Nevada, we’re committing to awarding 25 scholarships to lifelong learners in underserved communities. This directly aligns with the state cyber security task force goals.

    ThriveDX is a partner of Apprenti, which is a Department of Labor Apprenticeship Ambassador. Apprenti and ThriveDX aim to bridge the tech talent and diversity gaps through apprenticeship programs that lead to full-time cybersecurity positions in various industries at no charge to the learner. This will contribute to not just the federal cyber workforce, but also the national economic infrastructure.

ThriveDX will continue to engage with organizations in the local communities in which we live and serve, and facilitate conversations at industry events to foster further collaboration opportunities for diverse communities to have access to cyber education in order to launch a lucrative career.

The full National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy can be found here.

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