ThriveDX and CyberProof Team Up to Quickly Fill Cybersecurity Positions – Proving the Value of Combining a Cyber Academy with Corporate Partnerships to Solve the Cyber Talent Shortage

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MIAMI, FL – June 27, 2023 –  ThriveDX, the leader in cybersecurity and digital skills training, today announced the successful launch of the Cyber Academy to place cybersecurity analysts at its partner CyberProof, a UST company and leader in the cybersecurity industry providing enterprises with expert managed detection and response services. Following the first successful round of training, twelve graduates from ThriveDX’s Cyber Academy are now working as SOC Tier 1 analysts, leveraging their collective knowledge, skills and collaborative work approach to handle complex cybersecurity challenges efficiently. 

This model allowed CyberProof to quickly fill open positions with highly motivated, qualified and diverse candidates, while providing academy graduates with valuable real-world experience. The successful collaboration further proves the value of launching Cyber Academies with comprehensive bootcamp programs in partnership with employers to solve the growing cyber talent shortage.

“Partnering with ThriveDX has brought additional diversity into our talent acquisition strategy. The Cyber Academy graduates have seamlessly integrated into our organization, bringing with them a strong foundation in cybersecurity,” said Moran Alterzon Avisar, Israel Human Resources Business Partner Manager at CyberProof.

ThriveDX’s Cyber Academy offers trainees access to more than 1,000 hours of immersive learning and hands-on educational experience, ensuring they are properly prepared for real-world cybersecurity challenges. The courses are designed by industry experts and provide candidates with knowledge, skills and capabilities in a variety of subjects including network administration, incident handling, forensics, ethical hacking, threat intelligence, malware analysis and more. Through its corporate and government partnerships, ThriveDX helps to position candidates in open roles, building a new, highly skilled cybersecurity workforce. With an estimated cyber talent gap of nearly 3.5 million worldwide, partnerships such as this one with CyberProof are becoming critical to helping companies stay secure.

“Seeing our graduates thrive at CyberProof reinforces the effectiveness of our Cyber Academy  approach. It’s a testament to their dedication and the strong foundation they received through the program,” said Rotem Green, Head of Projects at ThriveDX Enterprise.

ThriveDX’s adaptive training programs are continuously updated with new content on a weekly basis to address real-world threats. The enterprise suite offers relevant cyber training for every position in the organization, including application security and secure-code training for developers and engineers, security awareness and phishing simulators for the entire workforce, and specialized executive training.

“The graduates from ThriveDX have exceeded our expectations. Their skills, enthusiasm, and dedication have been invaluable to our team,” said Roee Laufer, Head of Global Security Operations at CyberProof. “They have brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, and we are excited to continue our partnership and support their career growth.”

For more information and to learn more about the services offered by both ThriveDX and CyberProof. please visit and

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About ThriveDX

ThriveDX is the global leader in cybersecurity training and workforce development, solving the cyber talent shortage and skills gap, by reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry. We provide end-to-end human factor security solutions, including professional cybersecurity bootcamps, phishing and awareness simulations, application security training and beyond. We collaborate with top-tier academic institutions, enterprises, and government agencies to serve millions of learners and thousands of organizations globally. The ThriveDX team is composed of military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and seasoned educators united in the mission to close the worldwide skills and talent gap in cybersecurity, and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion across industries. For more information, visit

About CyberProof

CyberProof, a UST company, helps our clients transform their security to a cost-effective, cloud-native technology architecture. Our next-generation Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service is built to support large, complex enterprises by combining expert human and virtual analysts. Our services are enabled by our purpose-built platform, the CyberProof Defense Center – enabling us to be more agile, collaborate better, and deliver powerful analytics. Our integrated security services include Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, and Vulnerability Management. Our experts innovate to meet our clients’ needs with custom use cases, integrations, and automations. For more information, visit

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