Kontra Application Security by ThriveDX and JustCode Partner to Launch New CodeDefender Challenge

Kontra Application Security

Developers, team leaders, and cybersecurity executives are invited to elevate their secure code practices with this free assessment.

MIAMI, FL – Oct. 23, 2023 –  ThriveDX, the global leader in cybersecurity training and awareness, today announced a new partnership between its Kontra Application Security Training and JustCode, a state-of-the-art technology skills assessment platform, to launch the CodeDefender Challenge. This exercise is designed to allow businesses of all sizes and practitioners of all skill levels to assess their secure code practices and unveil any Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Vulnerabilities, free of charge. 

As application development continues to progress, there is a need for greater security capabilities to prevent breaches and stolen data. Unfortunately, secure coding is not a regular part of most application development training. In fact, only 15% of dev-ops teams participate in any formal security training. Kontra Application Security Training powered by ThriveDX and JustCode’s Code Defender challenge is designed to help teams determine the true state of their secure code capabilities and fill the gaps with advanced training.

“Developers, though excellent at writing functional code, are struggling to design security into their software. Vulnerabilities and exploits are routinely found and application security simply is not always a priority,” said Roy Zur, CEO of ThriveDX Enterprise. “This collaboration between ThriveDX’s best-in-class Kontra Application Security Training and JustCode will allow anyone to assess their secure code practices and then implement interactive and effective training to eliminate vulnerabilities.”

“Security breaches are on the rise, and it’s crucial for organizations to prioritize secure coding practices to protect their valuable data,” said Aditya Narayan, CEO of JustCode. “Our partnership with ThriveDX’s Kontra Application Security Training empowers developers, team leaders, and cybersecurity executives to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, ultimately strengthening the security posture of their applications.”

For more information on the CodeDefender Challenge and to take the free assessment, visit

Originally published in Digital Journal.

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ThriveDX is the global leader in cybersecurity training and workforce development, solving the cyber talent shortage and skills gap, by reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry. We provide end-to-end human factor security solutions, including professional cybersecurity bootcamps, phishing and awareness simulations, application security training and beyond. We collaborate with top-tier academic institutions, enterprises, and government agencies to serve millions of learners and thousands of organizations globally. The ThriveDX team is composed of military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and seasoned educators united in the mission to close the worldwide skills and talent gap in cybersecurity, and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion across industries. For more information, visit

About JustCode

JustCode is a state-of-the-art technology skills assessment platform. We support a variety of topics from core programming to machine learning to cybersecurity.
Beyond assessments, we also offer tailored content for learning based on an intelligent recommendation engine. The JustCode platform allows enterprises a no-code option to easily deploy coding and cybersecurity assessments at scale allowing them to make better hiring and corporate learning decisions. For more information visit

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