ACW Distribution Partners with ThriveDX to Meet Growing Demand for Digital Skills Training and EdTech Solutions in the Hong Kong and Philippines Region

This collaboration brings together ThriveDX’s pioneering cybersecurity education resources with ACW Distribution (HK) Limited’s extensive distribution network, delivering businesses knowledge, tools and programs to reduce enterprise cybersecurity risks.

This partnership comes at a critical time as cybercrime and fraud are now the top threats to businesses globally. Attacks are rising dramatically and cybercriminals are targeting new enterprises daily. ThriveDX shifts security postures by upskilling employees’ security awareness and also tackling the growing, worldwide cybersecurity talent shortage.

“We’re living in a new digital age where our lives are now intertwined online. The rise of remote work has opened up a brand new playing field for cybercriminals who are now increasingly targeting employees to gain access to enterprise networks. Businesses simply cannot function without effective cybersecurity awareness training to empower their employees against attacks,” said Ronald Lee, Vice President of Asia Pacific sales for ThriveDX. “This partnership will give us the opportunity to provide businesses in the Hong Kong and Philippines region with the digital tools they need to thrive in this new connected age.”

“Managing threats that result from challenging employee cyber hygiene is something our customers simply haven’t had the bandwidth to do in the past. We’re thrilled to partner with ThriveDX to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity training and awareness that can truly move the needle of risk,” said Andy Lau, CEO of ACW Group.

For more information and to learn more about the services offered by both ThriveDX and ACW Distribution (HK) Limited, please visit and

About ACW Distribution (HK) Limited

ACW Distribution (HK) Limited is a Value-Added Distribution corporation for leading Enterprise Solutions in the Asia-Pacific region since 1986. We create IT solutions by integrating the “Best-of-Breed” products in the market and delivering them to the end-user via an extensive network of trained and certified channel partners in the region.  To be a professional solution-orientated marketing and distribution company as well as to bring the latest concept and trends in IT, we assist small and medium enterprises to sizeable businesses to enhance operational efficiency and profitability.  We strive to provide value and quality service in the form of technical consultancy, effective marketing and distribution to our reseller partners.

About ThriveDX

ThriveDX’s enterprise solutions specialize in the human side of cybersecurity, offering end-to-end cybersecurity training and talent solutions. Our team is comprised of military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and educators united under the mission of closing the worldwide skills and talent gap in cybersecurity. The ThriveDX enterprise suite was born out of the formation of best-in-class cyber companies: Cybint Solutions (Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp), Kontra Application Security (Application Security Training), Lucy Security (Security Awareness Training), ThriveDX Labs (Managed Cybersecurity Services), and HackerU Pro (Custom Training with an Expert Instructor). Learn more here: ThriveDX for Enterprise.

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Cayley Wetzig

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