The Awareness Administration Program


The Awareness Administration Program is tailored for security administrators and is aligned with NIST standards. In this course we’ll provide you with best practices for structuring a Security Awareness Program, including key elements such as employee testing, education, and engagement.

The goal is to empower Cybersecurity Awareness managers with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively implement and manage a comprehensive security awareness program within your organization.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction: Learn about the concerns regarding the human factor in modern-day cybersecurity and the potential risks of employee compromise
  2. Awareness Program Design: Establish your security awareness training needs and understand how to align those to your organization’s specific needs and schedule
  3. Awareness Program Development: Be guided through constructing an awareness training program using the ThriveDX Security Awareness Training platform, including customizing content and establishing a timeline
  4. Implementation of the Program: Learn about different training delivery techniques, how to set up a recipients list, and execute the training plan
  5. Post-Implementation: Review how to conduct post-implementation evaluations, measure the effectiveness of the training, and update the training for future execution

Methodology and Specifications

This course offers interactive, web-based training modules, including micro-learning, gamification, and animation, that is tailored to help you to build the most effective cybersecurity awareness program. Each content unit is covered by 5-15 minute training totaling 4-20 hours of training, excluding knowledge checks & hands-on experience. Knowledge checks, practices, quizzes, and hands-on experience are added throughout the course.


When you finish the course, we’ll provide you with a certificate signed by ThriveDX, the award-winning global leader in cybersecurity training.


We are pleased to offer this training for free so you can get a good understanding of how to launch a security awareness training for your organization.


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