The Limmattal Hospital Association, Switzerland


As a major hospital with a comprehensive educational mission, the Limmattal Hospital provides extended basic medical care for approximately 80,000 patients annually. It also offers in-depth expertise in numerous surgical and medical disciplines. The hospital has 188 acute care beds, 126 long-term care beds, eight operating rooms and eight intensive care units. More than 1,480 employees from 49 nations provide high-quality and diverse services every day.


“We are the main hospital in our region. Today in particular, we have to do everything we can to maintain our hospital activities and protect our patient data. IT security and the sensitization of nursing staff play a central role in this,” explains Markus Waldesbühl, Deputy Head of IT at Limmattal Hospital. “We are aware that hospital staff, who have been severely stressed out by the COVID-19 pandemic, are the focus of cybercriminals. Thus, raising our employees’ awareness of cyber risks without putting them under additional strain is a particular challenge.

“Especially today, we need to do everything we can to keep the hospital running and protect our patient data.”

We know exactly what is possible and what they can be expected to do. That’s why we were looking for a cybersecurity awareness product that would allow us to sensitize our employees to phishing email attacks. We wanted to be able to choose from a wide range of trainings and tests and make adjustments to our specific needs if necessary”, Waldesbühl adds.

"This solution offers a wide range of training and attack simulations that we can customize to meet our specific needs.”


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