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Is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland and the largest corporate insurer in the country. In Switzerland, one out of three households and one out of three companies are insured with Mobiliar. 79 general agencies for entrepreneurs with their own claims settlement service guarantee proximity to the more than 2.1 million customers at about 160 locations. Mobiliar employs about 5700 people in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein, its home markets.


“Cyber insurance has become an important addition to deal with leftover residual risks. However, cyber protection insurance does not exempt customers from investing in their IT security. Raising customers’ awareness of possible vulnerabilities and offering further effective preventive measures is a must,” explains Andreas Hölzli, Head of Mobiliar’s Cyber Risk Competence Center.

“As a cooperative, we take social responsibility seriously. There is an increasing threat situation in cyberspace. That is why we have been developing a leading range of cyber products and services for a number of years in order to make our contribution to managing cyber risks,” Andreas Hölzli continues.

“Cyber protection insurance does not exempt customers from investing in their own IT Security”


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