Using Objectivity & Curiosity to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinking skills

It seems like everyone has an opinion these days. Even so-called experts can share unsubstantiated info with their followers. From podcasts to social media and water cooler talk to bloggers/podcast hosts, there’s so much information and “facts” that bombard us every day.

Critical thinking is a skill that is essential in the modern business world. In order to think critically, you need to be objective and curious. Objectivity means that you are able to look at things from a neutral perspective, and curiosity means that you are always willing to learn more.

Pop your social media bubble

Staying in a social media bubble can prevent us from looking at evidence, judging news sources, and thinking critically. These skills are more important than ever for success in business and in life.

When we learn to look at things objectively and with a sense of curiosity, we’re able to see both sides of an issue and make more informed decisions. We can also avoid confirmation bias, which is when we only look for information that confirms our existing beliefs. Being objective and curious allows us to be better critical thinkers.

Critical, yet positive
Being negative is not the same as being critical. Objectivity is more productive. An inquisitive mind is open to other viewpoints and ways of thinking to understand what is really going on not just for ourselves, but for others.

Curious about curiosity

Curiosity is the key ingredient in a productive and innovative workforce. It allows for taking risks and trying new things without the fear of failure. When we are curious, we are more likely to come up with new ideas and solutions.

Encouraging curiosity in the workplace can lead to a more creative and engaged workforce. And when employees are engaged, they are more productive.

Example of fact checking. Weighing facts vs. bias.

Benefits of objectivity

Objectivity allows us to analyze issues based on hard evidence, not opinions and biases. An open mind supports better decision-making and strategic thinking.

Arriving at carefully considered conclusions rather than rushing to take info at face value will improve your personal and professional life.

And when we apply these skills in our work life, it can lead to promotions and raises.

With that in mind, here are eight ways to think with objectivity and curiosity:


Working on critical thinking skills is a life-long endeavor. When we are able to be objective and curious, we can start to see the world in a different, more positive light. We can learn new things and make better decisions. Next time you find yourself in an office discussion, or reading an article, remember to think critically! Be objective and be curious. It might just change your perspective and even your life.


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