Understanding Both Sides of Your Brain to Be Unstoppable

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You may sometimes feel like your brain has two distinct personalities. The left and right hemispheres of the brain are often spoken of as two distinct entities. Each plays a unique role in thinking and behavior. The left hemisphere of the brain is typically associated with logic, language, and critical thinking, while the brain’s right hemisphere focuses on creativity, emotion, and imagination.

Although many people assume these differences are hard wired at birth and cannot be changed over time, research has shown that this is not necessarily true. It’s now understood that people can use mental exercises to strengthen connections between the two hemispheres and develop their cognitive abilities naturally. Whether it be through meditation or art projects or other activities that engage both sides of the brain, it is possible for anyone to tap into their full potential by better aligning their left and right brains.

Making and responding to art is one good way to feel the power of the right brain. Creativity is not always rewarded in our modern society. Being logical and relying on data to make decisions is perceived as sensible.

Although valuable, data is part of a vision, an idea that can level up our business and lives. Data can tell us which direction to go in, but creativity is the starting point. Something has to come from the deep silence of a vacuum. The dream space in our brains has most of the answers we seek beyond conscious calculating. Our left hemisphere seeks control; the right side seeks freedom.

Two is always better than one, and you can be of two minds. Both hemispheres get the same information but process them very differently.

Our left brain allowed us to find prey to ensure survival. It is also where our egos are that cheer us on. This hemisphere of thinking lets us focus narrowly and break holes into compartments as abstractions. It loves logic and data, eschewing creativity.

Right brain thinking is flexible. It goes beyond mere survival and enjoys novelty. This hemisphere sees the big picture and can spot danger. It houses an abstraction intelligence and many label that as intuition.

The right brain loves humor, yet can be melancholy. In an attempt at oversimplification, the right brain guides the left brain in communication. It shows up as emotionally charged images to get language flowing.

The hemispheres are linked by the corpus callosum. This large bundle of fibers plays an essential role in coordinating communication between different regions of the brain. It allows information to be processed and analyzed quickly and efficiently. In addition to its important role in cognition, the corpus callosum is also involved in other important functions such as motor coordination and emotion regulation. Given its critical role in so many different aspects of brain function, it’s no surprise that the corpus callosum plays an essential role in helping us to think and behave effectively in our everyday lives.

The hemispheres can be in harmony to make you unstoppable. For example, the right brain can produce an amazing presentation, full of storytelling. The left brain can harness its analytical skills to infuse data and make detailed edits.

How to harness the power of your hemispheres

There are a number of activities that can help to stimulate and balance the activity of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. One strategy is to incorporate more physical exercise into your daily routine, as movement can help to stimulate pathways in the brain that could be underdeveloped or inactive. Additionally, practices like yoga or tai chi can be helpful in activating both hemispheres simultaneously, which can lead to greater mental clarity and focus. Other activities, such as art or music-making, involve many different areas of the brain at once, making them effective tools for rebalancing neural networks and enhancing overall cognitive function. Ultimately, whatever activities you choose to engage in, it’s important to tune into your body and pay attention to how each activity affects your mind and mood. By staying attuned to what works best for you personally, you will be able to preserve brain health and balance throughout the years.

Art and the right brain

Art has long been considered an essential expression of the human spirit. Whether it takes the form of literature, music, painting, sculpture, or drama, art speaks to our deepest emotions and connects us with our most authentic selves. Many people believe that this is because art taps into the right side of our brains, which is responsible for creativity and imagination. In other words, when we engage with art on some level — whether it’s from a distance through reading or directly through making our own creations — we are honoring the rich and complex nature of our right brains. And in doing so, we enjoy a deeper sense of self-understanding and connection with the world at large. Art truly has the power to awaken our truest selves, and it is something that should always be honored and nurtured in ourselves and others.

Exposure to the arts, both as creator and appreciator, helps us know and understand the power of the right brain. Awareness is also key. Recognizing right- and left-brain thinking helps us understand how decisions are made.

Respect intuition

Everyone has had moments when they have just known something intuitively, without reasoning it out or needing any proof. Intuition allows us to tap into our subconscious minds and understand things on a deep, internal level. While it is true that we often rely on logic and rational thought for making decisions in our everyday lives, there are some instances where those approaches simply aren’t enough. For example, we might need to make a tough career decision or respond to an unexpected challenge. In such situations, trusting your intuition can be key to success.

Harnessing the power of our innate wisdom doesn’t make us irrational or overly emotional. It is a tool to navigate the world around us and lead fulfilling lives. Albert Einstein believed in intuition. He saw his theory of general relativity with his third eye before he had the math to back it up.

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