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Government and state entities, financial bodies, and educational institutions play a huge role in the economy of the United States, which is separated between the public and the private sector. The public sector is critical to the functioning of all levels of organizations, acting as the infrastructure of society itself. Unfortunately, this makes the public sector a prime target for cyber threats. Not only for profit, but also for leverage.

Public sector organizations are the shepherds of public services funded by millions of tax dollars, as well as the acting caretakers of sensitive data for hundreds of thousands of people. This makes the need for cybersecurity threat detection and risk management more critical than ever before as no system is impervious to penetration. Evident by the rising trend in healthcare data breaches recorded by the HIPAA journal that ranges across thousands of incidents of hacking, theft, and ransomware attacks.

At their foundation, cyber threats are both unpredictable and diverse, able to tear down systems with force and sheer numbers that continue to increase daily. With an over-reliance on digital tools, the integration of information technology in everyday life, and the 24/7 access to online servers that comes standard with many consumer purchases, cyber attacks and cyber crime are not going away anytime soon. For consumers, private corporations, or public sector organizations.

Despite attempts to increase data security and improve defense systems, end-user training and shortages in the cyber workforce continues to present a vulnerability these institutions can no longer afford. Over half of government agencies have been attacked, with an average of 90% of education, telecom and technology industries; 86% of finance, manufacturing, and retail; and 72% of healthcare and government institutions compromised by at least one successful cyber attack in the past year alone. This makes the call to action for securing public sector organizations much more urgent.

ThriveDX, the global leader in cybersecurity training, aims to fill this workforce gap by building out its U.S. and public sector business in addition to collaborating on joint efforts with U.S. cyber companies in the private sector. To continue to address its commitment to growth and impact, ThriveDX recently welcomed Tim Roemer to the executive leadership team as the President & General Manager, Public Sector to lead the build out of the organization’s U.S. and public sector business, as well as collaboration efforts with private sector U.S. cyber companies. Bringing with him more than 18 years of government service experience, including working for the State of Arizona as Department of Homeland Security and Chief Information Security Officer, and a two-year assignment in the White House, Tim Roemer is a high caliber addition to the ThriveDX’s goal to bridge the gap between cybersecurity prevention and awareness.

Join us on Tuesday February 28 at 2:00pm EST for an open discussion during our virtual webinar hosted by ThriveDX Executive Chairman and Co-founder, Dan Vigdor and Tim Roemer. During this one-hour webinar session about breaking into the public sector, these industry leaders will discuss:

  • Industry Transitions. First, ThriveDX will tackle the ways Tim’s new role will translate his extensive experience, before Tim spearheads the formation of an action plan for prioritizing goals, best practices, and implementing efficient processes.
  • Cybersecurity Predictions. Second, we will discuss the challenges and trends within the cybersecurity education industry that must inform our initiatives and our drive to combat cyber crime at every stage.
  • Implementation. Lastly, we will explore the education and training of industry leaders on identifying effective ways for internal teams within public and government organizations to defend themselves.

RSVP today to reserve your spot to attend Breaking into The Public Sector, a 1-hour webinar hosted by ThriveDX, to listen to this invigorating conversation!

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