Boundaries can be great. But what happens when you are ready to push past your comfort zone? A risk at work doesn’t have to put your job or career in jeopardy. In fact, a strategic risk can advance your career. Any stress can make you more productive and boost your chances of a positive outcome.

Being successful requires knowing when to take risks. This can include:

  • Asking for a promotion
  • Volunteering to lead a challenging project
  • Changing employers
  • Choosing a new career path
  • Moving to a new city

Uncertainty will always be part of life. You can take risks that will not uproot your sense of well-being. During the pandemic, many workers changed jobs, started taking courses to learn new skills, developed new hobbies and launched their own businesses.

Not everyone is a risk taker. Some may dream of learning new skills and feel brave for starting the process. Others may just sign up after finding the right institution. Timing is key. And it’s also important to realize that while a risk may not work out, it should be taken at the best possible moment. Ask yourself:

  • What is the result you want?
  • When is the right time?
  • What are some simple/small steps to kickstart your change process?

A small step could be asking for a promotion, while a big step could be asking for a raise. Consider your benefits, performance, and work culture before making your case. After that, read the room. Your boss may be more open after a vacation, a recently completed project or initiative or even after praise from a client.

Think about how you can provide innovation. This could be revamping a product or taking classes to upskill yourself in your respective field. Risks can be good for business.

Although short-term risks can cause a slight bump in stress; anticipate and leverage it. You can speak up more in meetings or figure out solutions for pressing problems. Make your efforts and contributions count via narrowed attention and pooled resources.

Benefits to taking risks

Pursuing new opportunities and knowledge can change your life for the better. Most obstacles challenge physical, financial, or emotional areas of life.

💡 Confidence Boost: Imposter syndrome is real. Without it, you might be an actual imposter. When risks pay off, they provide a much-needed external validation.

💡 New skills: Understanding cybersecurity (or a relatable topic to your business) can transform any company. Public speaking skills may allow you to command any room with ease. There are a multitude of certifications available (free and paid). All in all, reskilling can upgrade your life.

💡 Improved finances: Invest in your future with knowledge and application of new skills. Education is a calculated risk. The payoff can be new jobs and improved work-life balance.

Steps to taking better risks

Acknowledge that the fear or hesitancy is present and take action.

  1. Assess risk with a personalized system
    Write out a list of pros and cons, and be honest with both. There can be positive and negative outcomes, sometimes at the same time. Ask yourself if you are willing to work for more positive outcomes. Taking classes may mean homework or working in groups.
  2. Accept a fear of failure to any degree
    Worst-case scenarios can overtake your mind and life. Best-case scenarios are also possible. Your career can be taken to the next level with well-timed risks.
  3. Take incremental risks
    Change is scary. Risks can be even scarier. Think in terms of action steps. If you feel you have maxed out your current skill sets, consider taking classes that can revitalize your life.
  4. Ask for help
    Most successful risk takers are willing to share their knowledge. Start with the people in your life. Some may have started a new business, taken classes or moved to a new city. Ask how they transformed their anxiety into action and upped their risk tolerance. If you want a more personalized experience, contact a career coach who can help you embrace calculated risk.

ThriveDX is ready to take you out of your perceived comfort zone and into the life you have always dreamed of with the right program. If you’re a lifelong learner or a cyber professional looking to upskill yourself or the entire IT/cyber department, visit


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