Tech Summits: The Best Kept Secret for Finding a Job and Succeeding in Tech

ThriveDX Tech Summit. November 2nd and 3rd.

The tech sector is hot. From information technology and biotechnology, to cybersecurity, engineering and more, the tech industry is a huge contributor to the U.S. economy. According to a report by the Consumer Technology Association, the consumer tech sector adds $2.3 trillion to the nation’s economy — representing almost 12% of U.S. gross domestic product.

It makes sense that so many individuals are targeting a career in an industry that’s projected to create over 600,000 new jobs (faster than most professions). Especially since the median salary for tech jobs is around $91,250, based on a 2020 BLS survey.

Fortunately for these individuals, the training and education paths leading to a job in the tech industry is varied and flexible. Aside from the more traditional routes of getting a college degree in the field, or having a tech giant as a close relative, it’s possible to use non-traditional education paths including coding bootcamps and vocational programs. In fact, a variety of learning paths will cover the basics of technology and help prioritize the skills a person needs to launch a tech career.

With so many factors to consider in order to enter and grow in the tech field, how does one make the best choice for moving forward? Before enrolling in a university program, before signing up with the next digital skills boot camp, and before sending out job applications, listen to what others in the industry have learned and have to share — trends, innovations, strategies for success, career advice, etc. Too often, we spend too much time breathing in our own exhaust, forgetting to pause, look and listen before we take action. As a first step, turn toward a resource which is readily available, and oftentimes free. That is, attending industry conferences, summits, and events.

Your Best Upcoming Opportunity to Test Drive a Tech Summit

In this case, look no further than the TDX Tech Summit powered by ThriveDX, set for November 2–3, 2022. This free and virtual event (two good additional reasons to include the event on your calendar) is targeted towards business professionals, senior executives and everyone in between. From marketing to cybersecurity to even IT and HR industries, this event will address a range of topics and high-level strategies to address where we stand at the cusp of global digital change. Through networking, Q&A and exhibitor booths, you’ll have access to insights and advice specific to your interests and career goals. Attendees should expect to participate in panel discussions, masterclasses, keynote speakers, resume reviews and networking opportunities.

The TDX Tech Summit, sponsored by HubSpot, O’Reilly and CompTIA, will welcome some of the world’s top industry leaders, talent experts and professionals as they continue toward their company-wide mission of reskilling talent pools and upskilling future leaders in cybersecurity and digital skills. Some highlights include:

  • Pivots and Upskilling: The Obstacle is the Way — More individuals are taking a step back to reevaluate their goals, priorities, and values. People now expect more in their working lives and seek new challenges as well as greater purpose and meaning in their work. Join for this keynote address by Anne Leslie of IBM if you’re on the fence about pivoting to another industry.
  • The “X” Factor in Cybersecurity is Human: Why Awareness Isn’t Enough — Join Roy Zur, CEO of ThriveDX Enterprise for an exploration of a new specialized category in cybersecurity: human factor security and why it calls for specific, scalable, and useful solutions and how it goes beyond security awareness training. Make upskilling your people in cybersecurity the biggest return on investment.

Check out the full TDX Tech Summit agenda here.

Advantages of the Tech Summit

First and foremost, attending a tech conference will help you to expand your knowledge and skills. Regardless of your area of expertise, a tech conference will expose you to peers and experts from the industry, and exposure to new ideas which could be key to your growth.

Attending a tech summit will put you in contact with other professionals from your field — individuals who have likely faced similar questions, curiosity, and interests similar to you. Getting a different perspective will help you see something that you may have missed before.

To make the most of your TDX Tech Summit experience, make sure you:

  • Pick the right sessions — Review the conference or summit schedule in order to pick the sessions that seem the best fit. You can abandon those that don’t work out. Make the most of your time by spending it on the right sessions.
  • Stick around for the Q&A portions — These sessions usually take place after a speaker is done with their presentation. They are a great opportunity to take notes from questions others will ask, and of course you’re open to ask your own questions. There can be as much value in the questions as the answers.
  • Plan your questions — Asking questions at the right time could help you to leave a good impression on individuals with which you hope to forge a new relationship. Just make sure that your questions add value to the discussion, and are relevant to the topic.
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities — Networking is a terrific aspect of tech conferences. You will gather information as you network, but importantly you may build connections with others and continue to collaborate in the future. Networking is for job hunting too, of course. Share your thoughts and ideas; be receptive to feedback and willing to reconsider your point of view.
  • Seek out new people — For in-person summits, sit at a table full of people that you haven’t met before. This is a great chance to make new acquaintances, exchange contact information, and start building connections. Online group discussions can serve a similar purpose.


The ThriveDX Tech Summit powered by ThriveDX is free to virtually attend and takes place on November 2–3, 2022. It’s a great opportunity for those interested in tech and for those who want to understand the tech road ahead before committing to and going down that road. For some, it’s a map to the future. For others, it will simply inform and perhaps inspire. Either way, you have to register and attend in order to get any benefit from effort.

If you’re interested in attending, register to attend here.


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