TDX Event Recap — Utilizing WIOA & Social Finance

WIOA, Social Finance, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Moderated by ThriveDX’s Lisa Franklin, expert panelists Chelsea Gaspard of Loyola University and Ryan Mass of New Jersey Institute of Technology discussed the future potential of career training and upskilling. This one hour event discussed taking advantage of alternative funding options, notably the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). 

What role do social funding programs such as WIOA play in preparing our workforce to succeed in various high-demand roles? With the future of work evolving and the landscape of training and education shifting, how can social finance be used for both vocational education and bootcamp opportunities? 

The purpose of WIOA (The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)  is to provide new resources for job seekers, workers, and employees for high-quality and training for good-paying jobs in significant demand. These resources range from counseling and job searching to more enhanced services for various individuals including veterans, dislocated workers, and individuals with disabilities. 

WIOA also brings about greater collaboration among local and regional stakeholders, educational instructions, and community organizations. This discussion breaks down how social funding programs can be used for vocational education and bootcamp opportunities. 

To view the replay of the event, play the video below. For more information about upcoming events, please follow the Official ThriveDX LinkedIn.


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