How Cybersecurity Bootcamps Are Transforming the Job Market

Cybersecurity bootcamp

Cybersecurity is a multifaceted industry with a number of rewarding career paths to pursue. Yet, despite vast opportunities, there are currently approximately 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally and the demand for skilled labor continues to grow as attacks increase. Demand is outstripping the supply of talent, creating a global skills gap that is plaguing organizations of all sizes.

Underskilled and Understaffed 

We’ve been battling a cybersecurity talent shortage for more than a decade, and the problem seems to continually get worse. As just one example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the need for information security analysts will increase by 35% by 2031, a much faster rate than positions in other industries. In 2022, the ISACA surveyed more than 2,000 cybersecurity professionals and found that 47 percent of respondents believed their organization’s cyber team was at least ‘somewhat understaffed’. Another 15 percent said they were ‘significantly understaffed’. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic increased cyberattacks by as much as 300% creating an even greater need for skilled cybersecurity talent. These major gaps in the industry can cause everything from increased risk for ransomware attacks to irresponsible mishandling of sensitive information.

What is Creating the Cybersecurity Professional Skills Gap?

Lack of Diversity
A 2021 analysis by BCG found that just 25 percent of all employees in the cyber field were women, and of those 87% reported having experienced some type of discrimination since entering the field. Minorities are also larger underrepresented in the industry as well, accounting for just 26% of employees

Employee Retention
Just 45% of organizations surveyed by ISACA regularly allow staff from other areas of expertise to move into security roles. This furthers the misconception that people need vast experience or a highly technical background requiring years of education to pursue a career in the industry. On the contrary, there are opportunities for nearly everyone in cyber and advanced training classes at cybersecurity bootcamps can help candidates quickly gain the necessary technical skills that they need for any role.

Cybersecurity Bootcamps are Reskilling, Upskilling, and Increasing Diversity 

Investing in a cybersecurity bootcamp is an excellent way to increase future job opportunities and open up new career paths. Many bootcamps, including those offered by ThriveDX, offer certifications that show potential employers a candidate’s level of knowledge and prove that they have hands-on experience with the specific cybersecurity concepts that they will be tasked with in a particular role.

Online cybersecurity bootcamps give candidates looking to break into the industry an advantage with essential skills in programming, security awareness, and application security. These classes can also be beneficial for those looking to upskill or reskill into a different part of the industry, simultaneously chipping away at the global skills gap.

With cybersecurity being one of the vital elements of success for any business, investing in these bootcamps can help open new employment opportunities and ultimately lead to increased business profits and longevity.

What Makes ThriveDX Bootcamps Unique

With more than 15 years of experience, ThriveDX has already trained and reskilled more than 60,000 learners across the globe. The company is partnered with over 20 top-tier universities in the United States to offer cybersecurity and digital skills bootcamps, and upskill and reskill thousands of workers. 

Comprehensive Curriculum
ThriveDX’s bootcamps cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics, including network security, cryptography, ethical hacking, threat intelligence, and incident response. The curriculum is continuously updated to keep pace with industry developments and emerging threats.

Hands-on Training
ThriveDX places a strong emphasis on hands-on training and practical application. In addition to hours of immersive learning, candidates are provided with hands-on experience via real-world simulations so they are ready to hit the ground running to respond to the current threat landscape. Learners engage in real-world cybersecurity scenarios, allowing them to develop the skills needed to identify, analyze, and respond to threats effectively.

Expert Instructors
ThriveDX’s bootcamp is led by seasoned cybersecurity professionals with extensive industry experience. Learners benefit from their expertise, industry insights, and mentorship, gaining valuable knowledge beyond the textbooks.

Industry Partnerships
ThriveDX has established partnerships with leading cybersecurity companies and organizations. These connections offer learners valuable networking opportunities and potential access to internships or job placements after completing the bootcamp.

Emphasis on Soft Skills 
ThriveDX’s bootcamps are built for learners with little or no technical background, breaking down barriers to entering the industry. Our bootcamps focus on developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These skills are essential for cybersecurity professionals who often work in dynamic, collaborative environments.

ThriveDX’s cybersecurity bootcamps offer the cybersecurity certifications employers are looking for.

Continuous Learning ThriveDX emphasizes the importance of continuous learning in the cybersecurity field. Bootcamp graduates are encouraged to stay engaged with the bootcamp’s alumni network and participate in ongoing workshops and webinars to stay updated with industry trends.


Introducing Cyber Academy for Enterprise

Most recently, ThriveDX launched its Cyber Academy for Enterprise program, a solution that empowers organizations to reskill and upskill their own employees for cybersecurity positions while simultaneously attracting diverse external talent. The program offers pre-training screening so candidates understand the roles that may be a fit for them, followed by intensive training and finally post-training job matching.

Cyber Academy for Enterprise offers a holistic training experience, with rigorous learning supplemented with access to virtualized cyber labs and challenges. Overall, trainees have an opportunity to access 1000+ hours of immersive learning and hands-on training, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared for real-world cybersecurity scenarios.

With this program, ThriveDX is democratizing access to cybersecurity education, allowing anyone, regardless of their technical background, to embark on a cyber career. ThriveDX’s Cyber Academy has been implemented and deployed with global universities, enterprise, MSSPs, non-profits, and government agencies to broaden access to cybersecurity training, industry certifications and employment opportunities across all regions. With its launch, the company is simultaneously addressing the growing talent and diversity gaps in the cyber industry. 



The global cybersecurity skills gap is a threat to organizations of all sizes, and it is only getting worse. Immersive cybersecurity bootcamps include fast, easy, and effective ways to bring new talent into the industry while also reskilling and upskilling current employees who may be in a different sector of IT.
With increased demand for cybersecurity professionals, the investment by individuals and enterprises alike will likely pay off quickly—helping professionals hit the ground running in their new careers and contribute to organizations striving for digital safety.

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