Get Real Protection with Offensive Security Services

Offensive Security Services including Pen Testing and Red Teaming from ThriveDX.

Offensive Security Services

Offensive Security is the ultimate way to adapt your organization to the volatile world of cybersecurity. Our offensive security experts use advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools employed by real threat actors to expose security gaps in your network infrastructure and close them—before cyber criminals get the chance to exploit them and cause damage.

Pen Testing

Identify and understand risks of security gaps in
your organization.

Red Teaming

Test your security strategy with targeted multilayer
attack simulations.

Pen Testing

Discover Your Vulnerabilities

Measure the effectiveness of your organization’s existing security controls. Our Red Team experts will evaluate your systems and services, expose vulnerabilities, and translate their assessment into customized actionable measures your organization can implement.

The penetration testing process provides thorough insight into the various tactics and processes attackers may use when attempting to breach into your organization and access critical assets.

Web Application

External Takeover

ioT Device

Cloud Infrastructure

Mobile Application

Internal Takeover

Red Teaming

Test Your Security Defenses

Our team performs reconnaissance and information gathering against targeted company assets, to extract all valuable information and find the most efficient path to successfully hacking the system.

Upon completion of our Red Team’s simulation, the team will offer a comprehensive roadmap that includes all identified attack paths and provides security-related recommendations to address discovered vulnerabilities.

Why ThriveDX

Founded by former Israeli Intelligence Officers, ThriveDX’s Security Services Team is comprised of expert cybersecurity professionals with hands-on real-world experience. As part of our global mission at ThriveDX, we provide more than just checking the box. We are passionate about educating our customers to make sure they understand how to protect their organizations.

Service Obsessed

We assure our customers understand the entire process through ongoing communication that makes them feel safe and secure.

Cyber Nerds

Since we live and breathe cyber security, we’re always up to date on the latest trends and breaches. We’re cyber obsessed.

Results Driven

We provide reporting with actionable insights so you can understand your vulnerabilities and how to rapidly fix them.

No Generic Solutions

We comprehend your unique needs and adapt our service understanding how your organization could be targeted and harmed.

Our Team

Ilan Mindel

Ilan Mindel is an interdisciplinary cyber expert with over 10 years of experience in penetration testing, cyber forensics, and vulnerability assessment.

Asaf Katz

A penetration testing and cybersecurity researcher who advises ThriveDX, Asaf mitigates security risks by exploring uncharted territory to discover new vulnerabilities and build defenses.

Igor Semyonov

A cybersecurity expert with vast experience in the military and government sectors, Igor is a seasoned Red Team operations team lead and penetration tester.

Amir Carmi

The former CTo of ESET Israel, Amir has over a decade of experience working in cybersecurity, systems administration, network architecture and service hardening.

Eli Guy

With six high-level cybersecurity certifications, Eli has spent the last five years leading Red Team operations and managing penetration testing, spearheading IR operations and teaching penetration testing at HackerU Israel.

Lion Kontorer

Hailing from one of Israel’s most prestigious cybercrime units, Lion is ThriveDX’s Offensive Security Team Leader, and manages advances Red team operations and training for organizations worldwide.

Roman Senko

Roman Senko is a seasoned cybersecurity educator who has spent the last three years working in cybersecurity performance infrastructure, application penetration testing,g Red Team operations, and vulnerability assessment as a member of the ThriveDX Red Team.

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