Top 10 vulnerabilities for Docker CLI

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Container Resources Limitation

Attackers can utilize various D/DoS attacks to cause an improperly managed container to exhaust its and its host machine resources.

Exposed Docker Socket

An exposed Docker socket allows an attacker to escape a container and take over the host machine.

Host Update

To prevent exploitation of known container takeover and escape vulnerabilities, updates for the Docker Engine and host machine must be implemented.

Improper Write Permissions for Volumes and Host Filesystem

Improperly configured volumes and bind mounts allow an attacker to modify and add files that the host and other containers use with malicious code and software.

Insecure Image Registries

An insecure image registry allows an attacker to pull, modify, and delete existing images, including adding malicious images with malware.

Minimal Base Image

The utilization of a minimal (slim) base is an image that has only the required dependencies and services that are required to function, which reduces the attack surface that a malicious actor can utilize. Please Note: The Unverified Container Images exercise is a prerequisite for this exercise. Please make sure you review it before beginning this exercise.

Privileged Containers

Docker provides a privileged mode, which lets a container run as a root full on the host machine; a malicious actor can exploit such a container to take over the host.

Sensitive Data Leak via Docker Images

Sensitive data such as passwords, API & encryption keys that are used by a docker image can be extracted from an image even if the data was not properly deleted during the build process.

Unsegregated Container Network

Improper management and segregation of a container network can allow a malicious actor to take over any container and machines on the same network, including the host.

Unverified Container Images

Before utilization, an unverified public base image must be scanned and reviewed to check if it contains vulnerable dependencies and malware such as backdoors, crypto miners, etc.

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