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Content Partners

Tool/Platform Partners

Content Partners

Our content partners enhance our students educational journey by providing supplemental resources to augment the Programs’ existing core curriculum content.


As a Content Partner, Microsoft Advertising provides ThriveDX and the Digital Marketing Certificate Program with student-facing content that enhances student knowledge on both inclusive marketing and Microsoft Advertising owned and operated properties.


O’Reilly gives our students on-demand access to live events, in-depth learning paths, interactive coding environments, certification prep materials, instant answers to tough tech problems—and a vast collection of titles and videos from O’Reilly and nearly 200 other publishers.

Amazon Web Services

As part of ThriveDX’s commitment to providing students with top-tier learning experiences, we have joined AWS Academy. This partnership will allow our students to access AWS Academy cloud computing curriculum. In addition, students can take related AWS practice exams at no cost, and receive discounts on certification exams.

Tool/Platform Partners

Our Tool/Platform Partners enhance our students educational journey by providing students with hands-on access to leading industry tools and platforms.


In Partnership with Canva, participants of the Digital Marketing Certificate Program will have free access to Canva Pro for 1 year (valued at nearly $120). With a Canva Pro account, participants will be able to create a Brand Kit and have access to millions of premium stock photos and videos.


Our students will obtain free Hootsuite access, including access to Hootsuite Academy courseware (Hootsuite Platform and Social Marketing). In addition, they will have the ability to obtain Hootsuite Platform Certification and Social Media Marketing Certification at no additional cost.


ThriveDX is a member of HubSpot’s Education Partner Program. This strategic alliance allows Digital Marketing Certificate Program participants to gain valuable hands-on experience and complete industry-recognized certifications using Enterprise CRM software. While enrolled, Learners will have access to a HubSpot Enterprise portal which can cost as much as $6,000 per month. In fact, Learners will use the same tools, resources, and software that marketing and sales professionals use worldwide.


ThriveDX is ecstatic to announce our partnership with Upfluence. This partnership will allow all digital marketing students to experience the vast opportunities found through influencer marketing using an industry-leading tool. Access to the upfluence tool during the Program is valued at over $10.000. With an Upfluence account, students will be able to explore the different types of influencers available, see the analytics and features crucial for thousands of global brands, and allow them to get valuable experience that will translate to real-world success.


ThriveDX has partnered with GitLab. GitLab is an invaluable tool that provides in-depth and practical knowledge on how the Dev/Ops lifecycle works. Students in the Software Development Bootcamp will have access to GitLab tools and resources that are valued at $1,188 per year.

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