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Tomorrow is Now: The Applications & Benefits of AI in Cybersecurity



Explore the world of Information Security and AI in today’s digital landscape.
Join our experts: Isaac Koren, CTO at ThriveDX for Enterprise, and Lion Kontorer, Head of Corporate Training, for a webinar where they will address pain points, discuss impactful applications, highlight benefits, and provide actionable tips for a fortified cybersecurity strategy with AI and against AI.


EXCLUSIVE FREE LESSON! We’re happy to provide our attendees with a free lesson about INFORMATION SECURITY IN AI.
In this lesson, we’ll follow the webinar content, emphasizing examples and extended details about specific risks AI might pose to your organization, as well as facing them.


We’ll explore the following topics:

  • AI as an employee: AI becomes capable of performing more and more tasks that are currently done by humans, but can it really do it better?
  • Privacy – not yet regulated: AI systems collect and process a lot of data about people, and there are concerns that it will be leaked or misused
  • Accountability: If an AI system makes a mistake, who is responsible?
  • New horizons: from traditional security paradigms through AI’s adaptive capabilities

The Speakers

Isaac Koren

CTO, ThriveDX for Enterprise

A dynamic technology leader with a decade-long journey in driving B2B growth and steering cross-functional teams to success across both the private and public sectors. 

Fostering customer-centric products and optimizing strategies for both customers and users, Isaac brings a unique blend of expertise in both ed-tech and cybersecurity B2B products. 

Before joining ThriveDX, Isaac showcased a fervent commitment to innovation in his roles as a Software and Mobile Engineer, where he made impactful contributions to product development and advancements.
Whether navigating the intricacies of M&As on both sides or skillfully traversing growth phases, Isaac continues to inspire teams, nurture innovation, and drive business progress.

AI Webinar, Tomorrow is Now

Lion Kontorer

Head of Corporate Training, ThriveDX for Enterprise

An experienced cyber-security professional with extensive experience in computer networking, data analysis, computer forensics, mobile forensics, as well as infrastructure and application penetration testing.

In addition to his professional expertise, Lion has a strong educational background. As a lecturer and trainer in Israeli Colleges and B2B courses worldwide, he taught courses on Malware Analysis, Web Applications, and Infrastructure attacks, including Train-the-Trainer sessions for other cybersecurity lecturers.

Lion focuses his time on developing training materials and real-life simulations and labs to educate and train individuals and organizations on cybersecurity best practices and techniques to help them better protect themselves from cyber threats.

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