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Get Your Learners Employable for the Most In-Demand Job in Tech: Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes have seen a 300% increase since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing companies to urgently seek skilled cybersecurity professionals. Such professionals are responsible for both managing cybersecurity strategy and preventing and responding to attacks should they occur. Individuals enrolled in the ThriveDX Cybersecurity Bootcamp gain industry-aligned skills in networking, systems, and programming. They also receive industry best practices so they can hit the ground running in the digital workplace.

Cybersecurity Program Outline

The ThriveDX Cybersecurity Bootcamp is where industry skills meet workforce readiness. This comprehensive program is designed to successfully prepare your employment-focused learners for career advancement in cybersecurity — one of the most in-demand technology fields. Delivered completely online or in person, this technology course enables you to address the global skills gap with a dynamic, market-driven curriculum that includes real-world, problem-solving scenarios. Your learners receive the solution that provides the best practical cybersecurity skills to help them shine in the tech job market.

The Introductory Course explores the areas of networking, Linux and Windows operating systems, and virtualization concepts needed in today’s digital workplace. Participants will encounter practical training scenarios that mirror real-life cyberattacks and learn how to apply defense and protection measures. The course concludes with an aptitude exam to assess the learner’s understanding of cybersecurity principles and suitability for a career in the field.
Participants learn how to manage the networks and computers of an organization, as well as set up domain environments using Active Directory, DHCP and DNS servers, and other network services.
Computer networking is an integral part of modern organizational structure in nearly every industry. In this course, individuals take a deep-dive into network devices, layers, and protocols that are typically in use to provide the understanding of networks essential to a cybersecurity career. Included in this course is training applicable for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam.
Learners explore cloud storage, which is the infrastructure of choice for many businesses and organizations, including cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS by Amazon. The course also covers how to ensure data integrity in the longer term, and provides training applicable to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.
Learners discover the ins and outs of the open-source Linux operating system, especially the cybersecurity distribution known as Kali Linux. In addition to learning about Linux security, the Linux file system, and how to reinforce the OS environment, individuals gain knowledge and skills applicable to the LPI Linux Essentials certification exam.
The ability to manage, secure, and operate network communication equipment is a critical role of the cybersecurity professional. Learners build skills on a variety of systems used in all types of organizations. In addition, the course covers core preparation for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate exam.
The course explores the various infrastructure defenses in use today, as well as secure architecture design. Participants also learn how to make networks, cloud infrastructures, and devices as secure as possible working with Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions such as Splunk.
Learners delve into the world of basic programming and learn how to use one of the cyber industry’s most widely-used programming languages, Python. The course provides hands-on instruction on setting up a Python environment in Linux and Windows, advanced levels of programming with Python, and the use of external libraries. Individuals gain practical skills building and using tools for the automation of cybersecurity tasks.
Practical exercises and simulations take learners inside the minds of black hat hackers to understand how cybercriminals think, who they are, and how to beat them at their own game. The course covers the gamut of cyberattacks, such as network attacks, social engineering attacks and application attacks, as well as defense strategies. Upon course completion, participants have added preparation for a range of industry certification exams.
The in-depth course covers advanced threat hunting methods, including analytics of user behavior, intelligence, and situational awareness. It also includes a deep examination of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) and how to use them to investigate host and network attacks. Learners learn about the role of the Security Operations Center team in the organization and how it is activated to handle cyberattacks.
The only way to get ahead of hackers is to think like hackers and win at their own game. The course is designed to sharpen the learner’s strategic capabilities, build skills to apply fundamental Game Theory strategies to real-life cyberattacks, and teach innovative ways to solve an organization’s defense issues.
This course is dedicated to honing the learner’s job search in the cybersecurity industry. A host of specialist career topics and services are covered, including training for interviews; how to network; assistance in internship placement; and 1:1 meetings for resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and more.


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Learners receive advanced cybersecurity training to build a stronger skill set and gain experience applicable to passing the industry’s most essential certification exams: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, LPI Linux Essentials, Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate, and (ISC)2 SSCP.*



The ThriveDX Cybersecurity Bootcamp is developed around the most in-demand and sought-after jobs in cybersecurity to completely prepare your learners for roles in computer forensics, threat analysis, network defense, system administration, and encryption, just to name a few.



As your education partner, ThriveDX is here to provide enrollment and admission services, marketing support, and talent matching so you can do what you do best: cultivate workforce leaders.

*The program includes an extra four dedicated sessions for test preparation. Certification exams are not conducted as part of the program and require additional costs not included in tuition. While the curriculum provides the knowledge needed to perform well on industry exams, the Cybersecurity Bootcamp is not a test-preparation program, where the primary focus is the learner’s performance on the exam. This program is designed to teach in-demand knowledge for today’s workforce.


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