Build a Human Firewall

Reduce cyber security risks by up to 90% with awareness training


Customizable Training

Create cyber security awareness training and content based on your organization's needs

Behavior Changing

Don’t just train employees on what not to click, actually modify their risky behaviors and habits

Measureable Results

Test and assess how your employees react to cyber security risks before and after training


Set Goals & Create a Plan

Set your goals and define the scope of the cyber security awareness program that works best for your organization.

A well-documented plan ensures that your goals become measurable and that you get a return on your investment for awareness training. 

  • What are your compliance requirements and available resources, and what is your budget? You can determine the key topics and define your awareness roadmap according to your requirements.
  • You can also define the target groups, required languages and other characteristics of your training.
  • Finally, you can measure the success of the training by defining key performance indicators.


Assess Awareness Level

Use simulated phishing attacks or web-based tests to assess the current awareness level of all employees in your organization.

  • The cyber attack simulations put the acquired knowledge to the test. These include phishing emails, USB & SMS attacks, websites with login forms, file-based attacks (e.g., Office macros) and many other scenarios.
  • With games, quizzes and interactive tests we also determine the users’ knowledge and level of understanding.



Run the Awareness Campaign

Improve cyber security awareness of your employees with customized courses based on your organization’s needs.

Changing employees’ bad security habits requires a program that provides continuous, high-quality education.

  • Create role-based training for different departments and then measure learning progress. Using a mix of videos and interactive elements increases knowledge and skill retention.
  • Analyze the results and adjust the training as necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your custom cyber security awareness training.


Custom-Fit Deployment

Keep your sensitive user data in your private servers (on-prem) or in the cloud

Custom-Fit Content

Adaptable and editable content, white-labelled platform, and ability to download & upload your own content. Every piece of content can be translated into over 130 supported languages.

Custom-Fit Reports​

Easily generate automated reports with your own with APIs and customize the reports to match your needs



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