The Lufthansa Group


The Lufthansa Group is a globally operating aviation group and consists of the subsidiaries Network Airlines, Eurowings and Aviation Services. The Group comprises more than 580 subsidiaries and employs 138,353 people. In 2019 the company achieved sales of over 36.4 billion euros. The parent company, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, is the largest single operating company in the Lufthansa Group.


“We were looking for a solution to perform phishing simulations which take into account all of the Lufthansa Group’s internal and external guidelines regarding data protection and performance control,” explains Rolf Freudensprung, Director Corporate Safety & Security, Information Protection at Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

After all, it is a well-known fact that most cyber-attacks specifically use human vulnerability to gain access to a company’s IT network. Over 97 percent of attacks on the internet are targeted at people. Phishing emails are one of the most popular methods used by criminals to access data and sensitive information. Therefore, more and more companies rely on cybersecurity training among their employees to raise their awareness of IT security.

The three business segments of the Lufthansa Group – Network Airlines, Eurowings, and Aviation Services – as well as more than seven work council committees, have faced several challenges at once: on the one hand, the company is geographically widespread and the different business segments have different requirements regarding security awareness measures. On the other hand, precisely these measures must be coordinated and implemented together with numerous works councils for different working groups.

“Lucy was very flexible and reacted constructively to our diverse needs, so that together we were able to meet all the requirements of the work councils and co-determination bodies in a short time,” says Rolf Freudensprung.

“Lucy offers an ideal overall package that helps us to keep our employees’ awareness permanently high.”


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