Phishing and Cyber Awareness Training

Cultivate a digital workforce capable of keeping your organization safe from mounting cybersecurity risks. 

Protect Your Organization through Your People

Cyberattacks targeting organizations are continuously evolving and becoming more costly. The resulting loss of data, income, and reputation can devastate a business. Too often, inadequate training plays a role in a company’s vulnerability by leaving employees open to human error. One wrong click alone can pave the way for a malicious attack or security breach.

Through investing in your human capital, you empower your employees to safeguard your business. When your business thrives, so too does your profitability, productivity, and company culture.

By combining phishing training with cyber security awareness education, ThriveDX helps you reduce your organization’s most significant cybersecurity risk factor: your employees. Our Phishing and Cyber Security Awareness Training arms your workforce with the right mix of tools and understanding to build security resilience across your business.

Secure What Matters At An Affordable Price

ThriveDX Phishing and Cyber Security Awareness Training is an intuitive, customizable platform that combines security awareness training and attack simulations for a comprehensive approach to knowledge and skill building. Available on-premise or as a cloud solution, our platform is easy to learn and navigate.

You will get hundreds of pre-configured phishing templates and engaging training modules that can be set up and customized with little effort to fit your organization’s unique security measures and goals.


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How It Works

A malware simulation tool tests your infrastructure and exposes potential risk scenarios should an employee click on a malicious file.
Attack simulations help identify security gaps and raise awareness. The simulations enhance employee understanding, allowing them to detect and avoid phishing attacks in a safe environment.
Interactive content elements with videos and quizzes educate your people to identify and protect against malware attacks.
Keep your employees engaged with short and relevant training modules. Equip them with a designated button to report suspected phishing emails.
Rate your employees with a personal awareness index. Get a peek into the darknet to reveal leaks related to your organization, to assess and leverage your security awareness maturity.

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