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According to a new study by ThriveDX, cybersecurity awareness has increased significantly in the last year. Read more from the study here.
In the world of cybersecurity, a shortage of talent needed to fill open positions is one of the biggest challenges that many companies face. Today, ACW Distribution and ThriveDX announced a partnership.
Ransomware attacks have sadly become commonplace and increasingly more brazen. Tyler Gallagher interviews Roy Zur, CEO of ThriveDX Enterprise.
ThriveDX announces the acquisition of LUCY Security which closed in February, further expanding the company’s cyber training offerings following recent acquisitions of Cybint Solutions and Kontra Security.
GitLab Inc. Increases Security Awareness for Development Teams Through New Partnership with Kontra's Cutting-Edge Application Security Training.
ThriveDX SaaS (formerly Cybint Solutions), today announced the acquisition of Kontra Application Security Training, expanding the reach of both companies' offerings and furthering their shared mission of digitally transforming users.
Why optimizing your cybersecurity awareness training is necessary and that active learning just might be the key to it all.

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