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Screening, training, placement, and onboarding services for security workforce through Cyber Match by ThriveDX

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We know that one of the biggest problems faced by companies today is the lack of qualified talent in cybersecurity. After graduating thousands of students from our bootcamp programs, we have become experts in selecting and training new professionals for the cyber workforce. We’re excited to now offer Cyber Match which includes screening, placement, and onboarding our trainees at companies like yours.

Why Us

We are confident in our process because we see it work every day. It’s our job to ensure top-quality candidates and we do so with Cyber Academy. We focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) profiles and cooperate with government and NGOs to uncover underrepresented talents and help organizations advance DE&I goals. We receive thousands of applications and diligently screen them before they’re accepted to a 3-6 month accelerated bootcamp.

In the Cyber Academy, our bootcampers learn the most up-to-date curriculum and in-demand skills in the industry, developed by veterans of the Elite Cyber-Intelligence Unit of The Israeli Defense Forces. 

How It Works

We perform a strategic needs analysis with you to get a full understanding of your organizational needs. We then match your unique requirements to our talent pool from our running Cyber Academy cohorts. All candidates are thoroughly screened and assessed to ensure the match fits your requirements. Lastly, we onboard your new hires to ensure a smooth transition.

Strategic Needs Analysis

Screen Incoming Applications

Train and Assess Recruits with the Cyber Academy

We match best possible Candidates with Employers Like You

We help you Onboard your new cyber talent

Start Filling Your Open Cyber Positions Today

To enroll in cybersecurity talent matching for your organization, please leave us your information. Our Cyber Match representatives will be in touch with you shortly to understand your unique hiring needs and assess if this service is right for you.

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To deepen our commitment to creating generational impact with the best-in-class global cyber education for transforming lives, Cybint is now a proud member of the ThriveDX family.

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