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Kontra's Cutting-Edge Platform
& Reporting System

At Kontra, we understand how important it is to have a platform that is easy and intuitive to use, with features that make managing security and compliance training simple and streamlined. That’s why we offer a unique platform that includes features such as:

  • A stunning user experience with easy-to-use features, simple-to-understand design, and self–explanatory navigation, making it intuitive to use.
  • SAML/SSO for seamless user onboarding.
  • Comprehensive progress tracking and reporting features
  • Flexible administration options with automated notifications
  • Powerful compliance and reporting tools, including exportable training data and completion certificates

Our Content, Your Environment

Our Kontra SCORM-compliant content works with leading third-party learning management systems to enable faster integration and deployment in a platform developers already know and use.
Customers using their own in house LMS with Kontra content benefit from:

  • Smooth onboarding: the developers are already familiar with the LMS platform.
  • User role and group management: The company’s LMS already contains all the information about the developers.
  • Easier Training Enforcement
  • Reporting and Compliance: all the reporting for compliance is easily accessible through the company LMS.

ThriveDX Security Awareness Training

Kontra by ThriveDX Application Security Training is integrated into our Security Awareness Training platform, providing businesses with seamless management of both training programs from a single platform. This integration streamlines the management process and enhances the user experience by offering a comprehensive security training program in one place. Here are some benefits of our integrated training platform:

  • Increased efficiency in managing training programs
  • Ensured comprehensive security training for employees
  • Simplified reporting and tracking of training progress
  • Enhanced compliance with industry regulations and standards

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