Exceptional Developer Experience

Empower your team with a flexible learning experience that adapts to the needs of today’s developers.

Bite-Sized Sessions
Based on Real Life Scenarios

To cater to the demanding schedules of developers, Kontra provides bite-sized sessions for interactive secure code training, enabling them to conveniently fit in training amidst their busy routines.

  • Efficiency: We provide short 3-5 minutes sessions for each exercise
  • Focused: Each exercise provides a short and effective storytelling, placing developers in the middle of the action.
  • Simple: Eases information absorption and reduces mental strain, enhancing the learning experience.
Our belief in providing short training sessions enables developers to achieve their training goals effectively, avoiding frustration and ensuring they can write code securely.

Regular Updates & New, Industry-Relevant Courses

To keep developers engaged, we prioritize the freshness of our content. Regular course updates and new lessons serve the following purposes:

  • Learning current and relevant information: By providing the most up-to-date content in application security, developers stay engaged, motivated, and avoid boredom or complacency.
  • Staying ahead of threats: Regular updates enable developers to stay proactive in their security efforts, ensuring they are well-prepared to address emerging threats.
  • Interactive, guided learning environment to enhance the developer’s skills towards writing secure code, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities. Our training modules and challenges cover different programming languages, frameworks, and security concepts.

Moreover, our agile development process enables us to promptly and accurately fulfill your specific content requests, ensuring that you receive the content you need at the time you need it.

Visually Stunning Interface

Our platform prioritizes a visually stunning interface to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for developers, enhancing their engagement throughout the training process. With captivating design, interactive stories for contextual learning, step-by-step guidance with clear instructions and visual aids, and in-depth explanations of AppSec lingo and code analysis, our platform ensures developers have the resources they need.

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Apprenticeship Program

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